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Pinterest revamps – time to gloriously revive your brand’s dead account

(MARKETING NEWS) Pinterest is back in a big way, as the company offers customizable profiles for businesses. Ready to jump back in?

pinterest business

Needed an update

Let’s face it, browsing someone else’s Pinterest is not the same as browsing their Facebook or Instagram. Pinterest’s search and suggestion tools far outweigh their profile surfing, which hasn’t been great for businesses that cater in imagery and unique ideas. You could go to Burberry’s Pinterest page, glance through all their boards, and still not have a clear picture of what’s new and cool in their world. This has been discouraging for businesses of all sizes, and because of that, hasn’t been a vibrant social media tool for many.

Luckily all of that is changing.

The game changer

Pinterest unleashed its new business platform this week, and the features are a game changer. Companies can curate a rotating showcase at the top of their board to show viewers what’s new and interesting in their brand. It’s the first thing people see, and businesses have 100 percent control.

Just like a storefront, this is your company’s palette, the blank page on which you get to share your story.

A number of companies are already using the showcase option, like Corey Eagen Jewelry, Lowes, and Burberry.

If you use buyable pins, you can outfit your showcase with a “shop” button and users can see all your pins that offer Pinterest purchasing, like Monogram’s collection. Give users what they came to your collection to find: buyable products and great images all in one place. The showcase is highly updatable, and yearns to highlight your latest and greatest work. It works seamlessly on mobile and web platforms, and can even be updated on the go.

What’s fresh, what’s hot

In addition, some of Pinterest’s organization has changed for everyone. Now when you go to a profile there are two tabs. One lets you see all of that pinner’s boards, and the other lets you see all of their pins in chronological order. That way you can scroll through what’s new and exciting, rather than slogging through board after board to see the latest additions in each. This feature is especially valuable for influencers and businesses who want to share with their followers this season’s latest, or that campaign’s new spin.

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Keep users up to date on a platform everyone uses.

It’s part social media, part idea machine, and part awesome.

People use Pinterest when they want something new or need a creative idea for a project, which makes it necessary for shops to have a presence. Now Pinterest is making it even easier for businesses to point pinners to products, and stay relevant. Whether you’re selling products or ideas, Pinterest is a great way to connect with consumers.


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C. L. Brenton is a staff writer at The American Genius. She loves writing about all things, she’s even won some contests doing it! For everything C. L. check out her website



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  3. Alan W

    May 24, 2023 at 3:12 am

    The article’s unique perspective stems from its in-depth analysis of the specific changes implemented by Pinterest, such as the introduction of new advertising tools, improved analytics, and enhanced shopping features. The author effectively communicates how these updates offer businesses a greater opportunity to connect with their target audience and drive tangible results.

    Thanks C. L. Brenton

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