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Web design style predictions for 2017

(MARKETING NEWS) As 2017 approaches, many anticipate that web design style will continue on the path of more bold, visually impactful design (among other things). Here’s what we might be able to look forward to.

Where is design headed?

As 2017 approaches, many anticipate that web design style will continue on the path of more bold, visually impactful design. Most recently, UX/UI Designer, Ben Bate commented on the fate of design via blog, penning “6 Web Design Style Predictions for 2017” which we’ll put in layman’s terms for you.

Throughout this past year, Bate noticed designers have continued to move away from flat design trends and experiment with gradients, colors, and contrasting visual elements.


Microinteractions, small hand-drawn details

In his predictions, Bate lists various trends that describe a shift from a minimal approach in favor of one that is more “visually comprehensive.”

This includes incorporating highly stylized and subtle micro-interactions, overlapping elements to create depth, and including more hand-drawn iconography to accompany uniform design.

The goal for designers utilizing these styles is to create websites with contrasting elements as a way to keep each user engaged.

For example, a designer may use hand-drawn arrow icons to draw users’ attention to a particular call to action on a page that features more stylized typography. These shifts in style are subtle, but make a big difference in the overall experience of using a website.

Use of color

Bate further predicts that web designs will use more colorful shape gradients, minimal mock ups, and large colored shadows. He references the new Stripe website in regards to how to successfully incorporate angular gradients in the header of a webpage.

While using a gradient is not a new trend, designers have subtly altered the impact by incorporating angular shapes as the colors shift.

Improving the customer experience

No matter what the style changes, the goal for all web designers is to create meaningful design that makes a brand recognizable while improving the ease of use for visitors.

If Bate’s predictions pan out, you can look forward to seeing a reemergence of bold design trends used in more experimental and creative ways.




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