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Patreon sets sight on creating in-house video feature to lure from YouTube

(NEWS) The Patreon core audience is new content creators and business owners, so in-platform videos are on the way to help to combat competitors.

As an avid YouTube watcher, I get the benefit of being suggested by the Google god’s algorithm some amazing upcoming creators. It never fails that when you click on a newer, but growing, content creator on the video platform, they have a Patreon to help with their “start-up” costs. This applies to business owners as well for marketing their brand, product, or services.

Typically, as creators grow on YouTube and sponsorship payments along with AdSense starts to build, they ditch Patreon, but the company has realized their core consumer, and is making an in-house video product as we speak!

Along with launching a podcast called The Creator Economy, CEO Jack Conte confirmed the new addition by saying, “We already host podcasts, and now we’re starting to host video as well.”

The Creator Economy podcast will focus less on Patreon creators and more on the tech/business side of content by interviewing people such as the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, and a managing partner at Atelier, Li Jin. Jack says,

“We want to attract the most awesome, forward-thinking, curious people who are building for the creator economy to Patreon,” he says. “We want those people to hear how we think about the world, and our vision, and what we want to build, and what we believe in, and who we are.”

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The podcast will be free to access on all platforms and will be released episode-by-episode seasonally, with currently 12 seasons in the works.

Podcasting mic in front of a computer recording a podcast, representing the new podcast from Patreon CEO Jack Conte

On the other hand, focusing on video, Conte says, “We’re building a video product….so in terms of how we’ve approached our strategy, and what exactly is it is that we’re building, we’re building the horizontal architecture for any creator, no matter their medium, or no matter the upload format, to be able to build a business around their work.”

At this time, there doesn’t seem to be more details, but we know it’s a sure-fire way to host and share video on the Patreon platform itself. The company is heavily aware of the dominance of YouTube creators using Patreon for a short stint, but they look to break away from this reliance to be able to stand on their own. The platform also has an integration with Vimeo, which may dissipate when this feature launches.

The excitement surrounding the addition of the product is building, and we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for more updates to come.

Vimeo video effects representing the company's integration with Patreon

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Emily Drewry is a Staff Writer at The American Genius where she has also been a Web Producer. She holds two Business degrees in Digital Marketing & Advertising as well as Sales Management. She resides in the sunny Orlando, FL and embodies the heart of hospitality. When not working on web projects, she's probably at a theme park or thrifting her next trendy piece, iced coffee in hand.

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