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Pinterest and JibJab traffic skyrocketed in December

Fastest growing sites

According to comScore, the two fastest growing websites between November and December were and Pinterest, neither of which were a surprise to technology enthusiasts, but for different reasons. is an interactive greeting site where users can insert photos of themselves and loved ones to make them dance to music, and since its inception, the site has always spiked during the holidays, with an impressive 207 percent increase in traffic between November and December.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is experiencing an overall traffic increase as the visual bookmarking site explodes in popularity and gains new “addicts” every day. Between November and December, traffic to the site rose 55 percent to 7.5 million unique visitors in December alone, beating out UPS, the USPS and even for the month.

The top 10

While this particular season looks different than other months, between November and December of 2011, the following were the 10 fastest growing websites, according to comScore:

  1., up 207 percent for the month
  2., up 55 percent for the month
  3. AVG Technologies, up 38 percent for the month
  4. Barnes & Noble, up 35 percent for the month
  5. USPS, up 33 percent for the month
  6. UPS, up 31 percent for the month
  7. Netflix, up 31 percent for the month
  8., up 30 percent for the month
  9., up 26 percent for the month
  10., up 25 percent for the month

The two sites on the list that were not necessarily a byproduct of holiday shopping or vacationers/students playing online are and Netflix is increasing as more devices come with the app pre-loaded and people ditch cable for streaming tv and video. Pinterest is again, a separate story altogether, as it is experiencing a meteoric rise as they have tapped into a market and demographic that has previously been untouched. Pinterest will continue to grow organically as the site is designed to not only draw in new users but keep them on the site based on user-generated content. Brilliant.


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