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These tech careers will make bank in 2016 – is your job on the list?

The supply for tech professionals isn’t meeting demand, so companies are shelling out big bucks for these positions in 2016. Did your job make the list?

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The IT factor

Finding highly specialized IT talent, is something that plagues businesses everywhere. Not only are there a shortage of candidates to choose from, the candidates that are actually qualified, don’t have to look far to find employment opportunities. Even the ones who aren’t actively looking, receive job offers. With such high demand, and so few supply, businesses are forced to find ways to separate themselves from their competition.


One of the methods is to shell out hard cash to those highly specialized individuals, and in 2015, some of the top tech earnings included salaries over $250,000. Next year, businesses will not only continue to shell out hard cash for their tech employees, but they’ll be paying a little more than before. Below are the highest paying tech salaries for the year 2016.


Chief Information Officer $172,00-$268,250 up 4.9% from 2015
Chief Technology Officer $147,50 – $229,000 up 5.2%
VP of Information Technology $141,000- $222,500 up 5.1%

Applications Development

Mobile App Developer $115,250 – $175,1750 up 8.2%
Applications Architect $121,250 – $171,750 up 6.4%
Lead app developer $110,750 – $160,750 up 6.7%
Manager $105,750- $160,500 up 4.8%

Consulting & Systems Integration

Director $123,750- $190,250 up 5.2%
Practice Manager $125,000 – $73,500 up 5.1%
Senior IT Auditor $116,000 – $164,250 up 4.9%

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Data/ Database Admin

Big Data Engineer $129,500 – $183.500 up 8.9%
Data Architect $127,250 – $175,500 up 6.4%
Data Warehouse Manager $123,750 – $172,000 up 4.6%

Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing

QA/ Testing Manager $93,750 – $127,500 up 4.1%
QA Automated Engineer $74,750 – $109,000 up 3.2%
QA Associate/ Analyst $65,000 – $100,250 up 3.6%

Web Development

Senior Web Developer $111,250 – $154,000 up 6.6%
Web Developer $78,500 – $129,500 up 6.4%
E-Commerce Analyst $88,000 – $129,500 up 5.7%
Web Designer $67,000 – $112,250 up 5.8%

Networking/ Telecommunications

Network Architect $120,000 – $175,000 up 5.3%
Wireless Network Engineer $108,750 – $150,750 up 9.7%
Network Manager $100,000 – $146,750 up 4.9%


Manager $66,250 – $96,250 up 2.2%
Mainframe Systems Programmer $62,750 – $86,500 up 1.9%


Information Systems Security Manager $129,750 – $182,000 up 6.2%
Data Security Analyst $113,500 – $160,000 up 7.1%
Network Security Engineer $110,250 – $152,750 up 6.7%

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Software Development

Software Engineer $103,000 – $156,250 up 6.6%
Product Manager $105,750 – $152,750 up 4.8%

Technical Services, Help Desk

Business Continuity Analyst $97,250 – $140,000 up 5.6%
Systems Engineer $85,000 – $124,000 up 5.7%
Manager $84,500 – $121,000 up 5.2%


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