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Why did Walmart just commit to a massive hiring spree?


(BUSINESS NEWS) Though they are already the nation’s largest employer, Walmart has announced to add 10,000 more jobs in the US. Are their motives altruistic or political?

Cracking down on outsourcing

Many uncertainties lie ahead as the new administration takes office. The potential tariff on imports is one that plagues US companies that outsource jobs and manufacture overseas.

In his typical manner, Trump has taken to Twitter to urge companies to bring their business back to the US. No matter the fact that his and his daughter’s clothing lines are manufactured in Asia.

Playing their part

In the hopes to fly under the radar of any more scrutiny, Walmart is trying to lead by example.

With over 1.4 million US employees already, they understand their role in supporting American made products and job creation.

They announced plans to add 10,000 more US jobs with the opening of new stores and e-commerce expansion. Walmart also offers grants to six universities that support textile innovation in the hopes to bring manufacturing back to this country.

They further plan on allocating more money towards training employees to improve customer service.

Push and pull

While 10,000 jobs sounds like a lot, one must consider the job losses at Walmart as well.

Last year, the same numbers of jobs were lost after closing 154 Walmart Express stores.

In fact, this month Walmart plans on cutting 1,000 jobs. The job losses are aimed towards headquarters and management positions as they plan to focus more on the in-store experience. However, as an employee, should you hesitate to take a promotion? Even with the losses, Walmart still claims that their job creation is increasing.

With the inauguration just around the corner, other companies are following suit. Amazon recently announced 100,000 jobs were going to be created from their plans to expand. Even Ford is restructuring plans to manufacture more in the US.


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