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Finding authenticity in influencer marketing

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(EDITORIAL) If you choose to go the influencer route for your marketing strategy, make sure you know who you’re dealing with

Influencer marketing

Earlier this month, The American Genius writer, Ellen Vessels, posed the following question, “Are there affordable ways for small businesses to tap into influence marketing?”

Some call influencer marketing a big scam. Others are worried that influencer marketing may replace advertising agencies.

Someone didn’t do their homework

Recently, an owner of an influencer marketing agency was solicited by another influencer marketing agency. The competitor wanted to use a picture of the man and his son to promote Dove products for men.

Apparently having 24,000 followers is enough to be considered an influencer.

Fortunately, the owner had integrity to turn the other agency down.

Who Are the Influencers?

This is a key problem in influencer marketing. It appears that the competitor did not look at who was doing the influencing. All they saw was a cute picture and a large number of followers, not whether the person was the right person to be promoting their brand.

I have to wonder how much research went into finding out about the owner before they asked him.

On the other hand, how many television or radio ads are produced with regards to the actor in the ad? I know that some are, but many are just nameless people who look good in a picture or on TV.

Social aspect

Social media has changed the face of advertising in some ways. One good viral video or picture could put just about anyone in the position to be an influencer.

Is this what you want to represent your brand?

Maybe it’s time to take a good look at the face of your advertising and make sure it meets your business’ image, instead of just throwing your product out in the wind.

What’s Important to Your Brand?

Authenticity and trust are just as important to consumers as numbers are to you. Be honest in your advertising. If you do hire an influencer, look a little deeper and make sure you’re sending the right message.

Make sure you’re working with someone who has a good reputation and will work with you. You owe it to your business and your customers.




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