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Looting is the cherry top of 2020s bad news cake to small businesses

(EDITORIAL) Small businesses have had a hard year, with COVID keeping people away, the governments slow and ineffective support, then finally some looting.

small businesses

Let’s just get this out of the way, for the purpose of this article and because well… society doesn’t seem to know the difference. Looters are looters, protestors are protestors. Under the the first amendment of the U.S constitution, the people’s right to “peacefully protest” is protected. So whether you agree or disagree with what people choose to protest about, it really doesn’t matter. If Sharon down the block wants to protest about the lack of kitchen towels that actually absorb water, she has that right.

Protest numbers have gathered into the millions these past weeks following the death of George Floyd, and unfortunately looters have taken the opportunity to destroy thousands of already vulnerable businesses. I’m not here to state whether looting is acceptable or not, I am however here to say that if you are going to take part in it or support it, you should know who it affects, and it isn’t the billion dollar retail stores on the streets of SOHO, NY. …Bingo, once again behold, the low and forgotten, small businesses.

Small businesses that were already suffering are suffering even moreso now! Many family run, local businesses were forced to shut their doors, and eat the monstrous debt accumulated amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, (a pandemic that doesn’t seem to affect big box stores like Target and Walmart, *rolls eyes*).

With so little to no rope left to give, looting a small business may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and for many of these small business owners, that is just the case.

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Nine times out of ten, without the guidance of a good legal team, small businesses usually don’t have insurance against looting (why would they?). It’s like insuring a car, you get the bare minimum unless you have the spare cash. Now, already broken down business owners are pleading with insurance companies to cover the looting in hopes to salvage just a chance at surviving.

Without a serious care package for our small businesses, many are going to have no choice but to close their doors for good.

Nicole Kiernan is a Staff Writer at The American Genius who is chasing her dreams while pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing from Queen’s College, NY. A lover of all things literature, within her, poetry lives the loudest. As a single Mama, she spends her days running after her little human, however, seeking to redefine the world, she spends her nights curating, writing and dreaming of all things entrepreneur. Feel free to check her out on Instagram at @_Nicolekiernan!

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