Dwellable’s retina-ready iPad app hits the market

With the new iPad 3 coming out, many industries that rely on photos of products will be pushed to offer much more high resolution images, which Dwellable is prepared for in advance with the release of their new iPad app for vacation rental seekers.

New iPad app for vacation rentals

Vacation rental site, today launched their new iPad app which is complete with large, high resolution, retina-ready photos for full screen viewing on the new iPad coming out on Friday. One of the company’s founders developed this app and was also the developer of the original and very successful Urbanspoon iPad app.

The company says their goal is not only to help travelers discover the best vacation rentals but to avoid unpleasant surprises, with over 50,000 vacation rental listings available to travelers. They say “The idea for Dwellable was conceived when one of our founders got stuck trying to cram eight people into a tiny rental house that was advertised as a mansion. Looking for a better, more trustworthy vacation rental search experience, founder Adam Doppelt knew there was a better way.”

The new iPad app offers large, full screen, retina-ready photos, instant browsing and filtering, interactive maps, social sharing on all listings, and the ability to save favorites.

“Users will be blown away by the stunning photography,” said Dwellable CEO Brenda Spoonemore. “Plus, because we don’t charge property owners for listings or better placement, there’s no gaming the system. We’re providing a level playing field for vacation rentals—the first of its kind.”

Other property-related sites are sure to follow in preparation for the new technologies in the new iPad coming out this week (concise overview of the new iPad 3 features available here), and we at AGBeat are shocked at how few are ready for the transition, particularly to larger, much more high resolution images, more powerful than the 1080p television set in your living room. Dwellable is in the small group ahead of the curve, and for travelers who want to get a legitimate feel for a listing, this is a visually stunning way to do so.

Photo tour of the new iPad app:


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