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Laptop concept could rock the entire tablet world – first look



Tech altering concept

We frequently cover technology concepts that exist in prototype or simply in concept, and we enjoy watching over the years which make it to market and which simply influence larger tech product companies like Microsoft or HP or even Apple.

The concept as show above and below is the “Split Concept” conceived of by designer Jung Dae Hoon, according to The Split Concept is split into each component separately or they can be popped into the case to work in conjunction with each other as a laptop.

How does the Split Concept work?

Components include a tablet screen much like an iPad or RIM PlayBook and an independent keyboard as well as a mouse. One of the unique features of the Split Concept is the reading remote pen which functions much like a traditional highlighter or pen as it takes notes which we believe could help bridge the gap between traditional business people and tech savvy business people- some of us still enjoy using a pen and paper.

The pieces pop out to function separately and the case becomes a tablet stand, or they can come together like a Transformer and make one amazingly beautiful laptop.

First look:

The challenges ahead

The challenges we see for the Split Concept are few, but could be the difference between the concept altering technology or influencing it.

First, if the pieces that pop in and out of the case are too tough to take out, consumers will be frustrated and it will never make it to market. If the pieces are too flimsy and pop out at the slightest touch, say, by putting it on a table, it would also fail to hit the market. Production wise, this is a sizable challenge.

Secondly, the marketing behind it would have to appear more masculine as the above concept comes across as fairly feminine with the color choices and lucky rabbit’s foot.

Those two challenges are fairly small and the concept will either push the tablet market to be more comfortable to traditional desktop users, or the concept will be picked up by a major producer and hit shelves in another two years- which do you think it will be?

Tara Steele is the News Director at The American Genius, covering entrepreneur, real estate, technology news and everything in between. If you'd like to reach Tara with a question, comment, press release or hot news tip, simply click the link below.

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  1. Ben Fisher

    July 15, 2011 at 8:28 am

    Pretty awesome idea. Will be interesting to see if this type of new technology really catches on with the masses.

  2. Roland Estrada

    July 15, 2011 at 9:42 am

    I'm gonna write this down today so can check back on it. This will never fly. Never. Who ever thought this up doesn't get the concept of an iPad. The reason I got an iPad is that I have one super-thin, light computer. That's it. Carrying around a lot of other fluff defeats the purpose. There is a reason Apple has 65 Billion dollars in cash assets sitting in the bank. They get it.

    Two other things – weight and cost. If the cost and weight equal or come close to that of a Macbook Air, well you might as well get a MacBook Air. You can get a bluetooth keyboard for travel. There are plenty on the market. One just came out that has it's own case. The case also flips open to hold your iPad.

    When I bought my original iPad, I also bought the Apple case for it. Was the Apple case pretty? No. It was however, thin and light just like my iPad. I flip it open, do my thing, flip it closed and keep going.

  3. Chase Thompson

    July 15, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Gotta agree with Roland on this.

    For a second I was really digging it. Loved the concept, the potential applications.

    But, this needed to come out in '05 to be huge, in my opinion. For all the reasons Roland states, just don't see this flying.

  4. Ron Reed

    July 27, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    This is an excellent idea. At first, I was excited, but then I started to wonder how useful it really is. I don't completely agree with Roland that this will "never" come to market. However, I don't believe it will reach the masses because of companies like Apple and HP. Touch screens are the future… keyboards and mice are the past. We need to stop holding back the hands of time. Just saying. 🙂

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With the rapid pace of technology innovation, we’re often looking for the faster tool, the sexier, shinier tool and are seeking out what’s next. Sometimes, it’s worth pausing or slowing down for those who are overwhelmed or confused.

We ran into a laptop concept designed for users over 65 and given the amount of Realtors who are over 65, if this made it to market, it could be a huge help for those who are still nervous about the non-self-explanatory nature of computers.

Check out the schematics below and tell us in comments how you think this could impact the older demographic in the real estate industry.

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The Rolltop as pictured above can act as a traditional laptop or be folded to become a full 17″ touch screen. The cylindrical center acts as a base and has a power cord, speaker, USB port and webcam.

The rear can be decorated according to user preference and features a stand for full screen use.

Would you use a Rolltop? It looks a little like a mini yoga mat, but it is an extremely creative laptop concept.

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Samsung confirms high end Macbook Air competitor



Tonight in Korea, Samsung has confirmed the release of their new ultra-thin laptop Samsung 9 Series aiming at directly competing with Apple’s Macbook Air and staking their claim in the high end mobile computing market. This announcement comes as Apple announces their “special event” on March 2nd most likely to confirm the Apple iPad 2 release.

Originally leaked at the International Consumer Electronics show, it was originally believed to be a 13.3 inch device with an Intel Core i5 processor but was confirmed just a little while ago as an 11.6 inch device with an Intel Core i3 processor with 2GB of memory, Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI output, USB and microSD ports.

We know how you Realtors love new gadgets, so hold on to your socks- this sexy device is only 0.7″ thick and weighs under three pounds with Samsung claiming it has superior battery life! It is reportedly offered at $1165 (although we have not confirmed this is the final shelf price).

The Samsung 9 Series is set to launch in Korea this month followed by Europe and the United States next month.

Many Apple competitors are stepping up their game to reclaim market share ranging from low end to high end and several devices have been announced for a 2011 release. Our research here at AGbeat shows that many real estate insiders are waiting until these devices hit the market and the proverbial chips fall before making their next electronic purchase, and this is certainly a possible contender for the real estate industry.

AG is not affiliated with Samsung.

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