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Housing market update: who is buying and selling in 2014?

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(Housing News) The National Association of Realtors has issued a major annual report outlining who is in the market, how they’re buying or selling, and what equity they’re walking away with.

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What’s going on in housing?

Have you recently bought or sold a home, or maybe you’re in the industry and help people do this every day? The National Association of Realtors put out their annual report today outlining the nerdy stats about who is in the market, how old they are, why first time buyers are accounting for fewer buyers (bad news for a recovery), how buyers and sellers find their house and hire an agent, and how much money they’re making or saving on their homes.

Below are all of the details you’re looking for, as featured in our sister site, Realuoso.com:

Fresh stats on how home buyers search, who they hire, and what they buy

2014 stats: home sellers’ equity gains, tenure in homes, how they found their Realtor

Share of first time buyers plummets to levels not seen since 1987

Bonus: if you’re really curious about one of the industry’s hottest topics, what happens to homes after they’re entered into the MLS is extremely convoluted, and this interview clarifies a bit of the future of these technologies:
The rapidly evolving listing syndication ecosystem

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