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Real estate search sites – how do Realtors perceive each?

Recently, AG readers were polled regarding their perception of the three real estate search websites that are currently the most prominent- Zillow, and Trulia. Respondents were asked a series of questions to gauge their use of and feelings toward these real estate search sites as they pertain to their business.

AG readers were asked about interaction levels on the sites and in line with expectations, 99% have a profile on at least one site- 74% on Zillow, 79% on and 83% on Trulia. Usage levels ranked similarly with Trulia in the lead followed closely by, then Zillow. A variety of additional questions regarding specific site features (like Realtor ratings) were asked so that respondents would consider their overall perception of these three brands.

Respondents were asked to think about not only their interaction levels, but their results, with 83% noting that they had received a lead from these sites in the past 90 days. Nearly half had garnered at least one lead from Trulia and while only 29% had seen a return from Zillow in the past three months.

To refine why respondents had seen more leads from Trulia than Zillow, they were asked about their active participation levels and sure enough, forum involvement by respondents was nearly double on Trulia than Zillow. Regarding participation levels, roughly 30% of respondents have increased their interaction with all three sites, 30% have decreased and the remaining have stayed the same.

After being asked to consider their interaction levels and return on that interaction, the final and most important question was how valuable they perceive the sites to be to consumers as well as real estate professionals. Despite high participation at Trulia, when asked which of the three is the best value for consumers, nearly 60% indicated When asked which is the best value for Realtors, nearly half indicated over the other two.

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The perception of these three sites changes from year to year and currently, based on this AG Flash Poll, the venom towards these sites has dissipated compared to three years ago and involvement levels and leads have led to their perceived value, with and Trulia leading in the court of Realtor opinion.

download the AG Flash Poll via QR code- Trulia Zillow results

download the AG Flash Poll - Trulia Zillow results

About the poll: this is not a comprehensive, scientific poll. A questionnaire was offered to and optional to all AG readers on the website, not via RSS. All questions were mandatory, none were optional and no responses were removed from consideration or altered in any way. This is called a “flash” poll because it is a taking of the pulse and sentiment of readers in a specific point of time as we study trends in the real estate industry.

AG is not affiliated with Zillow or Trulia. is an advertiser on this site.

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Lani is the COO and News Director at The American Genius, has co-authored a book, co-founded BASHH, Austin Digital Jobs, Remote Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.



  1. Michael Sosnowski

    February 25, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    I dislike being so negative, but this flash poll is laughable. The statistics quoted are so general they mean very little. Think about this….nearly half had gotten at least one lead from (and others) in the last 3 months. Is that supposed to be good????

    I also did an informal “poll” around our office to see just how many leads agents get from these sites, and it is appalling low. Think of the time (and money) invested in these sites and this is the return. Any other marketing method with these results would be replaced. The fact is, trullia and zillow are all about them – not the agent – no matter how they try to spin. The venom is down because many agents have capitulated – or moved to other marketing methods. In many ways social media has now allowed agents to distance themselves from these business sucking entities.

    Even more laughable yet is List Hub. All this listing syndication. Can someone tell me how many people are searching for homes on HotPads, Oddle, Vast, Frontdoor, Cyberhomes and all the rest. The answer is nobody. Yet somehow listing syndication is put out there as some sort of great marketing tool

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