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2015 holiday gift guide for the real estate professional (or anyone, probably)

realtor gifts

Whether you’re buying for a coworker, the agent that helped you close on your home, or trying to drop some hints about what your loved ones should get you for the holidays, we’ve got you covered with our gift guide for the real estate professional. And not a single one is smart home related! Rejoice.

Badass coffee accessories

coffee mug
We all have that one friend or coworker that threatens murder with just a look in their eye if they haven’t had their coffee yet. Deliver it to them in the coolest way with some of these cool mugs, including one that stirs your coffee for you.

And never risk wasting another drop with this beverage warmer.
Price: $12.50-20.00

Women’s shoe ice grips

ice shoes
Ice shoes are hideous. Seriously. So instead of booting up, your favorite Realtor that practices, rain or snow, can pop on ice grips on top of a pair of heels or flats, without having to don ridiculous snow boots. Mynxx Women’s shoe ice grips are perfect for the hardest working, yet most stylish of the bunch!
Price: $38.00

iPhone ghost detector

ghost hunter
A g-g-g-ghost? Maybe. But how can you really know without the technology to prove it? If all signs point to “built on an Indian burial ground”, this ghost detector for your iPhone detects electromagnetic radiation and can give you some answers. If you believe in that sort of thing.
Price: $20.00

Picture printing iPhone case

ihpone print case
If the Cloud isn’t enough assurance, this case for iPhones prints your pictures. How many selfies can you fit on a fridge? We’re willing to test it out.
Price: $150.00

Wall clock (that’s a secret safe)

clock safe
What time is it? Where are the family heirlooms? Both of these questions can be answered by the same object.
Price: $11.00

Shop for gifts by color

color coded gifties
Whether your Realtor friend works at KW or CB, they probably already have a ton of broker-specific swag, so why not give them gifts based on their brokerage color, but without the logo gumming up the works? Shop for gifts by color and offer a thoughtful array of colorful presents this holiday!
Price: $5.00 – 199.00

Luggage that doubles as a scooter

If those moving walkways aren’t getting you to the NAR Conference quickly enough, may we suggest a solution? Not only will you win when you suggest to your colleague, “Race you to the gate!” but you’ll also look super cool while doing it.

Wireless mobile projector, yeah!

wireless projector
Wow any client by doing a CMA right from your phone, in their house. Instead of using a bunch of wires and laptops and gidgets and gadgets, just pull out your phone and your new wireless mobile projector (which has rechargable batteries, by the way), and present on the fly.
Price: $299.99

Waterproof notepad

aqua notes
For those of you that get your best ideas in the shower, these notepads might be the cure to your creative block.

A custom docking station for all

docking station
A quality docking station to hold all of your devices can be a useful organization tool, and keep your desk from looking ridiculous. We found these personalized docking station featuring your state, and a spot for every device. Bingo!
Price: $20.00 – 32.00

Super duper dash cam

dash cam
How many shaky “look at this neighborhood” videos have you seen (or made)? Be honest. It doesn’t have to be so horrible, there are affordable dash cams on the market now that don’t require complicated setup, like the SpyTec Black Box Dash Cam.
Price: $51.00 – $62.99

Make any car Bluetooth, hands-free

bluetooth hands free car
Not all cars or new, and even so, not all have the Bluetooth function that uses your phone’s Bluetooth to allow you to take calls through your car’s speakers. Most states have laws against using the phone or texting while driving, so get the iClever Bluetooth Hands-Free Multi-Point Activation kit so no important business calls are ever missed, no car rewiring is required, and no fines are racked up.
Price: $29.99 – 39.99

Yoga by number

yoga for beginners
For the yoga-dummy or the super beginner, this numbered mat pairs with a video series (available in an app or on Youtube) to teach you the basics. Your friend will be a yogi in no time! And all bendy.
Price: $120.00

Buy up anything from Photojojo

Almost everyone in the industry is enamored with photography, be it through a smartphone with neat lenses, or a full studio for social media videography. The needs vary, but the best place on the planet to buy anything photo related is Photojojo. We’ve spent quite a bit of money there, and when you visit, you’ll see why!
Price: $5.00 – 500.00

Man Crates with bacon and whiskey aren’t just for men

It’s called MAN crates, but most of the gals on our team drooled over the possibility of getting a Man Crate as a gift. They’re actual wooden crates filled with goodies that the recipient has to pry open with a frickin’ crowbar. Six degrees of bacon? Yes f**king please. Whiskey? Beard stuff? Food stuff? This might be the best option on the list, and the best way to make friends or impress a boss.
Price: $39.99 – $179.99


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This is the one time of year that collectively, a lot people should be out shopping for gifts, but inflation has changed it entirely.


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