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This uncommon trait sets the highest quality leaders apart

(EDITORIAL) Strong leaders are hard to find, and all industries tend to use an outdated leadership model – let’s discuss the best way to lead.

Two women looking at a laptop representing leaders talking about work-life balance.

Have you ever browsed for cars online and looked at video reviews? The answer, for most of us, is yes. Now, have you ever noticed how the person giving the review is always standing in front of the car in the initial car shot, ruining the reveal?

I didn’t notice that either until Jason Fried pointed it out.

He mentions that it’s important for the reviewer to get out of the way in order to give the car it’s glamour shot, then they can jump back in to give the review by standing behind the car.

After all, that’s what the viewer is there for, right? The car and not the person. This could be used as metaphor to illustrate how good leaders can lead from behind and not front and center.

If that doesn’t do it for you, picture a parent teaching their kid how to ride a bike. The trail behind, making sure the kid doesn’t fall, but give them the space to have nothing stopping them in front.

This is what leaders should be doing, not only for their team, but for their product. If you’re a leader, having your face plastered in the way of the product only makes things confusing and negates the simplicity of advertising.

When leaders are focused on their product, their team, and their outcome, they have much more room to be successful and make waves. Leaders who are concerned about “themselves” and “their” image will not get very far, and will likely alienate many people.

Keeping an eye on your team and the development of your product is important, don’t get me wrong. However, having your hands in every little detail can make you miss the big picture, which is where the real success comes in.

Think about the great and powerful Wizard of Oz: he’s not seen, but is making big things happen. Yet, when it comes down to it, he’s just a regular person – just like any other leader.

I hope I haven’t lost you with my string of metaphors!

The takeaway is: don’t hover, let your team do their thing and let your product speak for itself. But, while you’re in the back, don’t forget to stop for a moment and take it all in.

Staff Writer, Taylor Leddin is a publicist and freelance writer for a number of national outlets. She was featured on Thrive Global as a successful woman in journalism, and is the editor-in-chief of The Tidbit. Taylor resides in Chicago and has a Bachelor in Communication Studies from Illinois State University.


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