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Revolutionize how you hire photographers with The H Hub

(OPINION / EDITORIAL) Photographers, H Hub is the community for you to build your brand, build others brands, and get paid fairly for your work.

Photographer with camera pointing toward the viewer in an urban setting, that can gather on The H Hub.

The H Hub is a community-driven platform that’s changing the way brands hire photographers.

Say goodbye to the days of struggling to find high-quality creative professionals – this platform only hosts the cream of the crop and makes it quick and easy to get the content you need for your project.

Unlike platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, which cater to a wide array of freelance fields, The H Hub is designed with photographers specifically in mind. Take one look at the site and you’ll see why the company says it’s “Creators First” – since the release of their “Job Board” feature in 2019, The H Hub has brought over $1 million to aspiring creators from all over the country.

Founded in 2016 by veteran marketer James Cole, The H Hub has always been centered around community connections. Cole believes that creators and brands are two pillars supporting the same structure; neither can stand without the support of the other. With creative freelancers becoming increasingly undervalued in the pandemic-era economy, this is a sentiment we should all be getting behind.

Here’s what I like best about the platform:

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The community is extensive
With over 40,000 high-vetted photography professionals across the country to choose from, you’ll never be limited in your options.

The platform is easy to use and streamlined
From submitting a post to signing a contract to payment, everything on The H Hub is pleasantly user-friendly. If you do happen to find yourself confused about the process, there are curated visual resources to help you through it.

It’s made with photographers in mind
The engaging aesthetic and clean design of the site reminds you that the platform was developed with artists in mind. There are visual aids for almost everything, and you can select photographers based on visual style, which I love.

It’s quick
Expect to hear pitches from photographers in under 24 hours. Coupled with how streamlined the platform is, you can get quality content (and pay the artist!) in no time.

No hidden fees. No upfront cost. The H Hub is actually – believe it or not – 100% free to use. This means you’re paying the photographer directly and spending nothing for service of connecting with them.

In an economy that is only becoming more gig-centric by the day, The H Hub and other platforms like it will become an essential part of hiring creatives in the years to come.

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If you are an artist, I strongly urge you to consider The H Hub as an alternative to other freelance platforms if only so that you don’t collect only 80% of what you should be making. As companies dissolve more full-time in-house creative positions and the freelance market becomes increasingly saturated, we’re going to need all the extra wages we can get.

Anaïs DerSimonian is a writer, filmmaker, and educator interested in media, culture and the arts. She is Clark University Alumni with a degree in Culture Studies and Screen Studies. She has produced various documentary and narrative projects, including a profile on an NGO in Yerevan, Armenia that provides micro-loans to cottage industries and entrepreneurs based in rural regions to help create jobs, self-sufficiency, and to stimulate the post-Soviet economy. She is currently based in Boston. Besides filmmaking, Anaïs enjoys reading good fiction and watching sketch and stand-up comedy.


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