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Google launches Matter, the all-in-one solution to a smart home

Google launches Matter that connects with their Google Nest line, Android OS, and more, unifying the smart home elements into one place.

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Tech giant Google recently announced that it introduced Matter to its Google Nest line and Android OS. If you’re a tech nerd and into all things smart devices, you’ll want to tune into this one. 

Matter now finally has the foundation laid to deliver on its promises, which include security and simplicity. Matter’s new standard arrived to us in October, claiming to bring a new era of smart-home tech. 

Matter is the newest in an extensive line of protocols attempting to unify the elements that make up a smart home. Matter elevates the game by providing a common language among smart home devices to communicate within the comfort of your home (without relying on a connection from the cloud.) As of the first rollout, it includes smart lighting, smart sensors, smart switches and plugs, and even smart thermostats, as well as connected media devices and locks.

Many previous designs struggled to take off mainly because of a lack of genuine interest or complexity issues. This time is said to be different. Now, there’s genuine hope from developers that Matter will help bring great success, and if it does end up succeeding, it will largely be because of an essential piece of technology named Thread

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Thread is basically the nucleus of Matter, which smart-home designers and experts are raving over as the next big thing in the adoption of smart-home technology. 

Countless contributors helped make this possible by reporting bugs and writing a lot of code. Thread holds up to its name by threading devices together throughout a home. It helps users spend less time grabbing new batteries, keeping up with charging devices, or using different remotes and controllers to manage devices. There is skepticism regarding whether this will offer a truly balanced outcome, however. 

Matter devices will connect to your home network via Thread or wi-fi. People that use Thread will need a Thread border router to stay in contact with non-Thread devices and the web, so keep that in mind.

Macie LaCau is a passionate writer, herbal educator, and dog enthusiast. She spends most of her time overthinking and watering her tiny tomatoes.


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