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Other news orgs work to tear down your value - and you're paying for it. Literally.

There is a wild racket in real estate news, and you’re literally paying for it. 

Even if you don’t put anti-member news feeds on *your* website, you may be inadvertently paying for it to be featured in other parts of the ecosystem, be it on your MLS or your local association’s website. 

But let’s say it’s free in an alternative universe – the content is still often behind a paywall. That means that whoever clicks that anti-member news being featured is sent to a pricing page. 

Why would you pay for the privilege of padding their anti-member pockets and sending them leads? 

We believe all feeds should be free and that you should get the truth, not self-interested spin – if you’re seeing news featured on a member-facing site, it should be high quality information and we believe that no business should EVER send money to any anti-member news organization.

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