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Is NAR seeking to push for Carson’s nomination to head HUD?

(POLITICS) Ben Carson’s initial appointment to HUD was controversial given his lack of experience in housing, but what is the pulse now and is NAR for or against him?

ben carson

NAR strongly backs Dr. Carson’s nomination

When President-Elect Donald Trump put forth Dr. Ben Carson’s name as the nominee for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, NAR President William E. Brown said, “While we’ve made great strides in recent years, far more can be done to put the dream of homeownership in reach for more Americans.”

At the time of nomination, the National Association of Realtors (the largest trade organization in the nation) offered a positive tone regarding Dr. Carson and said the industry looks forward to working with him. But does that hold true today?

The confirmation hearings yesterday were far less controversial than one would expect, especially in light of how many initially reacted to his nomination. Given his lack of experience in housing, questions seemed to often center around protecting the LGBT community and veterans, both of which he pledged to support.

In fact, Dr. Carson said the Fair Housing Act is “one of the best pieces of legislation we’ve ever had in this country,” promising to issue a “world-class plan” for housing upon his confirmation.

NAR’s position on Dr. Carson

As we await the Senate Committee on Banking to make a decision regarding Dr.  Carson’s confirmation, we look to NAR for a pulse of what the real estate industry feels regarding the process and potential nomination, and all signs are positive.

President Brown tells us, “Dr. Carson has shown a clear commitment to ensuring all Americans have access to a safe and affordable place they can call home. With that in mind, we’re urging members of the U.S. Senate to swiftly confirm him as Secretary of HUD.”

“It’s no small task setting policies that support homeownership and real estate investment,” Brown continued, “and Dr. Carson is to be commended for taking on the challenge. We look forward to working with Dr. Carson in his new capacity on behalf of that important mission.”

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In a letter obtained exclusively by The Real Daily, NAR further urges the Committee to expedite Dr. Carson’s nomination:

 Dear Chairman Crapo and Ranking Member Brown: The 1.2 million members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) offer our support for Dr. Ben Carson as the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). NAR urges the Senate Banking Committee to approve his nomination and move it quickly to the floor of the Senate. His innate understanding of the key role that housing plays in the health of individuals and communities will be a great asset at HUD. HUD programs play a critical role in ensuring that all Americans have access to a safe, decent, affordable home. HUD’s FHA mortgage insurance program provides access to reliable, safe mortgage financing to all qualified borrowers in all economic times. In particular, FHA provides valuable access to first time homebuyers and minorities. In FY 2016, first-time homebuyers represented 82 percent of all FHA purchase originations, and over 33 percent of FHA endorsements went to minority buyers. NAR believes that small changes like the recent premium reduction can strengthen the program, and provide greater access to financing needed to increase our historically low homeownership rate. In his confirmation hearing, Dr. Carson strongly supported the mission of the FHA and the need for such a program. At the same time, HUD’s multifamily programs provide affordable rental housing for millions of families nationwide. The private sector simply does not provide enough affordable housing on its own, and without the subsidies provided to residents, these families would find it difficult, if not impossible, to find safe, decent housing. Dr. Carson has stated his support for rental assistance and the important role it plays for low-income families. He also has voiced his support for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, which has been the sole tool for private development of affordable housing. The National Association of REALTORS® looks forward to working with Dr. Carson in his new role, and urges your immediate support for his confirmation. Sincerely, William E. Brown 2017 President, National Association of REALTORS®


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