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Want to get involved in your community? Here’s where you’re eligible to run for office

(TECH NEWS) Although it takes a lot more than simply researching available offices to become part of the government, this is a great jumping off point for anyone wanting to get more involved and possibly run for office.

run for office

Make an impact

If you’ve ever considered getting involved in government, the Run for Office can help you start. Whether you want to make an impact in your community or are looking to be a future Senator, it all starts with knowing what is out there. Run for Office is a site designed to help you find available government positions in your district. They have made it simple to use, so that anyone can research offices and even get more information on how to run.


As of now, Run for Office has partnered with over 42,000 elected offices across the country. To get started, all you have to do is type in your address to the search bar. After that, a list of available positions will appear on the page along with their district and the date of the next election. Users can click on any position of interest to view the full description, salary and link for registration.

Great education resource

Run for Office also provides tools for how to run in an election.

They offer a free online course appropriately titled “How to Run for Office” as well as free voter files from all of the voters within your respected district.

The site has also partnered with NationBuilder, software that provides useful information on how to win elections, and offers everyone a free 14-day trial.

Although it takes a lot more than simply researching available offices to become part of the government, Run for Office is a great jumping off point for anyone wanting to get more involved. At the least you can learn what is out there even if you do not possess the required skills.

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[clickToTweet tweet=”Even if you don’t plan on running, you can keep up with upcoming elections in your community.” quote=”Even if you do not plan on running, you can keep up to date with upcoming elections in your community.”]

The Run for Office database is currently limited, though they are continually working with volunteers to build their inventory.


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