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Colorsnap app could change the way your client imagines the listing

A bit of color can add a lot of depth to a room. Incorporating color in smart ways can elevate your home decor in a big way and personalize the space.

If you’ve ever painted a room you may recall the “old school” method (at least for me) was to actually use one of the walls for a color test. Take the different colors you’re considering and paint on the wall. Probably side-by-side. Stand back and see what jumps out at you. Fortunately technology allows us to eclipse this method. No paint, no brushes, no dripping. The Sherwin-Williams color app, aptly named Colorsnap, allows you to virtually paint your room without ever having to crack open a can of paint.


Enhance your reality (or better yet your realty)

So you’re wondering, why is this important for realtors? I’ll tell you why: You can already have this downloaded, get inspiration from your clients (be it a postcard or magazine ad or whatever) and using the visualize tool, you can help your client more concretely imagine themselves living in the home you are looking at. You’ll be more prepared to pick up on buyers’ signals and encourage commitment.

No really, don’t thank me now. Just keep reading and then we’ll figure out where to meet for coffee or a plate of pinto beans.

Color in a snap

With the Sherwin-Williams Colorsnap App, you can find your color confidence and hone your painting skills by tackling small to large projects in each room of your home. First up, we’re bringing a whole new meaning to “go to your happy place” — by actually painting our living room with colors inspired by our favorite places. Just upload a photo of your happy place into Sherwin Williams ColorSnap® app (for me it’s a beach in Southern Italy) and let the app extract Sherwin-Williams paint colors from the scene. Then pick up those colors from the Sherwin-Williams to give your living room a much-needed facelift. Who says painting can’t be fun?

A great way to start

Without the mess! I think you’ll agree that a bit of bright color can add a lot of depth to a room. Incorporating color in smart ways can elevate your home decor in a big way and personalize the space. Now every time you’re in a room you’ll be thinking of your favorite place.

All the great painters started out by painting their homes: Da Vinci, Pollock, Norman Rockwell. Who knows how much farther they could have gone if the Colorsnap App had been around. You, on the other hand, don’t have to wait. Just download the applicable program to your laptop, tablet or phone and your off and running. Better make that painting.

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The potential for other uses is endless. You don’t just have to be a realtor. Obviously if you paint houses for a living this is made to order. Or maybe you do home design, or even build homes. Colorsnap offers something for everyone.

Now where did I put those brushes…


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Nearly three decades living and working all over the world as a radio and television broadcast journalist in the United States Air Force, Staff Writer, Gary Picariello is now retired from the military and is focused on his writing career.


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