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Enhancemeet: Organize meeting takeaways & notes all-in-one

Keeping track of notes, to-do lists, and messages during meetings can be chaotic to say the least. Enhancemeet is here to help!

enhancemeet notes on computer

We all know that you should never leave a meeting without taking at least a few notes or scribbling up a quick to-do list at the end. Eventually, though, all those notes and to-do lists on scraps of paper and sticky notes tend to crowd your desk. Next thing you know, you don’t know what goes where and if this note was for the last project or the current one.

Perhaps you don’t have any issues with your notes, but you’re swamped with meetings and trying to figure out when the next one is. It can be frustrating as you flip through a host of tabs to try to organize your calendar.

With Enhancemeet, all of that is a thing of the past. Enhancemeet is a new tool that makes it so much easier to keep track of all the extra little things in a meeting. During your video call, you can take notes on the screen, create action steps, and even manage your calendar for upcoming meetings.

Sounds pretty nifty, doesn’t it?

Well, what’s even better is that’s integrated to work with applications your business already uses like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. The notes portion is available to pull right from sites like Google Docs and Word, meaning you can pick up where you left off with notes from a previous meeting. And the action items work with Google Tasks, Jira, and Notion so you don’t have to have a million tabs open at once it’s all right here.

Enhancemeet even states,

“Everything you do inside of Enhancemeet will automatically sync up with wherever you do work. There’s no more need to arrange multiple apps side by side!”

I can see a lot of ease of use coming from an application like this. You write your notes and everything syncs up and you can look at your calendar and see what you have upcoming. It all sounds really useful.

But because the application isn’t officially out yet, there is still a chance for major bugs, especially with a lot of integrated apps continuously updating their own platforms. Because Enhancemeet is currently run by such a small team, I wonder if it will be able to keep up with the consistent changes.

While Enhancemeet is currently in private testing, it does look like they have a place for your to sign up to be a part of the next testing bout or beta release. Whilst the application is in testing, it is entirely free.

A native New Englander who migrated to Austin on a whim, Stephanie Dominique is a freelance copywriter, novelist, and certificate enthusiast. When she's not getting howled at by two dachshunds or inhaling enough sugar to put a giant into shock, she is reading, cooking or writing about her passions.


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