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Now you can harness the power of ChatGPT for your own website

ChatGPT brings a lot of potent abilities to the table for small businesses, and now you can integrate the bot into your own site’s pages.

An over-the-shoulder look at a laptop open to a page of ChatGPT with a man typing into the bot's page.

Love it or hate it, the AI revolution has arrived—and ChatGPT is leading the charge. So if you’re a small business owner, how can you ensure that you don’t get left behind? One service has a unique but simple answer: Make your own ChatGPT. 

Well, not exactly—but close enough. One developer has created a new product called SiteGPT, which is like ChatGPT but trained on whatever you want.

Here’s how it works. First, you create an account with SiteGPT. Then, you enter the URL of any webpages that you want to train your chatbot on. In just a few minutes, you’ll have your very own chatbot that can answer any question a customer might have about your business—as long as that information is on the URLs you submitted.

Just how good is SiteGPT? You can’t test its functionality on your own content unless you’re willing to pay. Plans start at $19/month for 25 webpages and 1 chatbot, and go up to $499 for 5000 webpages and unlimited chatbots. Keep in mind that “webpage” does not mean domain names. In other words, and count as two different web pages.

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However, you can test SiteGPT on the product website. Just click the smiling robot on the bottom right! Honestly, I’m not sure how helpful this is. I was able to click the automated prompts, but every time I tried to type in an original prompt, the window disappeared. 

The ironic part? I was able to get a quick answer to my question because a person happened to be online when I was and answered me immediately.

So SiteGPT seems to have a few bugs, at least at the moment. One big potential issue is that it’s not trained on GPT-4 and so may not be quite as powerful as the latest AI models.

Still, SiteGPT has a lot of potential. If you spend a lot of time answering customer questions, this could make your website way more efficient. The service can also be trained on content in multiple languages—and respond in multiple languages—which I can see being wildly helpful if you have a lot of foreign clients. So if you’re intrigued, it might be worth a shot.

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Sasha Graffagna is a trilingual content creator with 7+ years of experience creating written, visual, and audio content. She's passionate about productivity, health, and empowering individuals and businesses effectively convey their message to their desired audience.


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