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Secretly get your competitor’s emailers sent to you and analyzed

(MARKETING NEWS) A complete analysis on your competitor’s email campaigns sure would be nice. Here’s how – and you didn’t hear it from us.

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An inside look at the competition

It’s always useful to have information about what the competition is doing in your field. It’s even more useful when that information is freely given out, such as when they send direct emails to their customers.

However, signing up for their emails with your corporate email address is a bit obvious, and signing up with a personal or a burner email address gives you all of their emails, but then leaves you to still then do all of the analysis on the how and the what that they’re communicating with customers. Thus, SendView.

How it works

SendView works by signing you up for a non-descript email address which you can then use to subscribe to all of your competitor’s emails. But the real value of SendView lies in their reporting features.

Once all of the emails from specified competitors are received, SendView aggregates their information to give you a dashboard view of key indicators.

At a glance, you can see the total sent, the typical day and time of deployment, the length and image count of each email and more. Having this information seamlessly gathered in one place provides you with an opportunity to tailor your strategy for communications to stand apart.

Stay one step ahead

For example, by using their reporting feature, you can see that your competitors typically send their emails to customers on Thursdays at 4pm, with an average word count of 254 words per message. Do you want to engage your customers on another day or time of the week so as to stand out from their messages?

Do you want to write shorter messages with more links embedded in it, giving people a different way to digest your message and interact with it?

SendView provides you with the information that allows you to make those real-time decisions. As the information changes from your tracked competitors, so does the dashboard, keeping you one step ahead.


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Roger is a Staff Writer at The Real Daily and holds two Master's degrees, one in Education Leadership and another in Leadership Studies. In his spare time away from researching leadership retention and communication styles, he loves to watch baseball, especially the Red Sox!


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