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If you can fix the data ecosystem, you can win $25k — forreal!

(MARKETING NEWS) The Real Estate data ecosystem is so awry that the Real Estate Standards Organization is putting $25K behind a competition to improve it.

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Ready to revolutionize the real estate ecosystem? Need an extra $5k in your pocket? How about $10k? Well Thinky McThinkersons, start your brain engines, The Real Estate Standards Organization, or RESO, just announced its first-ever data competition sponsored by Realtors Property Resource®.

There’s a quick turnaround for the competition as it begins September 17at 12:00am PST and wraps up October 16th with a live demonstration in front of a panel of distinguished industry judges at the Pendry Hotel in San Diego, during the RESO fall conference.


Per the official rules of the RESO DataComp, submissions can come from all technology sections, including, but not limited to mobile, web, VR, AR, device, hardware, and drone. Above all, the most important requirement listed: entries must select at least one RESO Web API v1.0.2 Compliant Provider.

The RESO Datacomp is open to all tech companies, startups, universities, colleges, and incubators from outside of the real estate industry in an effort to utilize fresh perspectives on the real estate ecosystem through the RESO web API.

Basically, the competition is open to anyone and everyone: as long as you’re at least 18 years of age and a legal U.S. resident.

The complete Datacomp rules can be downloaded at the RESO website here.

Individual entries as well as teams of up to five members may submit an entry and registration must be completed online and by October 16th via Eventbrite.

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The competition is giving away a total of $25,000 in cash prizes for the following categories:

$10,000 USD for Best Startup
$5,000 USD for Best use of Listing Data
$5,000 USD for Best use of Non-Listing Data
$5,000 USD for Crowd Favorite

The judging criteria is as follows:
· 30% Originality: Considering the current real estate technology ecosystem, how unique is this product?
· 30% Execution: How well was this product executed on both the front end and back end?
· 25% Data Use: How well was a RESO compliant API used in this product?
· 15% Presentation: How well does the Participant describe and demonstrate their product to the audience and Judging Panel during the Demo?

The small print

There is an optional $25 entry fee which RESO will donate to a non-profit, though no specific organization has been named just yet.

Registration is limited to “just over” 300 participants with further details available online. May the odds be ever in your favor.


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Ashe Segovia is a Staff Writer at The American Genius with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Southwestern University. A huge film nerd with a passion for acting and 80's movies and synthpop; the pop-cultural references are never-ending.


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