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Take advantage of new ad space with Pinterest Premiere Spotlight

An oft underutilized advertising resource, this Pinterest beta program aims to compete with the likes of Tiktok for short form videos.

A phone showing a woman being recorded for a Pinterest short form video. She wears bohemian clothes and big black boots and sits in a wicker chair.

With Meta platforms and TikTok taking off in the social media space, advertisers looking for a platform that is not yet oversaturated are in luck with Pinterest’s new ‘Premiere Spotlight’ ad unit. This top-of-screen placement would provide prominent real estate on the search page. 

Kohl’s was the first retailer to test out the new ad unit, which included a half-screen advertisement with a CTA to visit the website to shop. The retailer chose to target those looking to shop for clothing with a ‘1 dress 3 ways’ convertible spring dress, perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday. The 24-hour, video-style placement offers premium exposure by reaching pinners before scrolling through their home page. 

Short-form video is soaring in popularity thanks to the likes of TikTok, Reels, Snapchat Spotlight, YouTube Shorts, and the countless “Stories” features that have been added to popular platforms. Some of the benefits of short-form video marketing include high levels of engagement, digestible information, better SEO, easier content repurposing, higher ROI, and a fun way to promote a product or service that appears different to a user vs. a stagnant image.  

“It has been discovered that customers retain 95% of information from videos, making them essential not only for marketing but also for establishing a strong brand.”

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Pinterest currently boasts 450 million users and is steadily growing. It’s also not the first video-focused element offered in the app. Pinterest has included video-based Idea Pins since 2022 driving a 30% increase in adoption and usage year over year. 

Though it’s a beneficial offering to advertisers looking to honing in Pinterest users who are primarily females that are looking for ‘pinspiration’ in cooking, home décor, fashion, and more, it may not be a cost-efficient option for smaller brands. Pinterest hasn’t officially released the approximate cost of the placement, though due to its position, will most like carry a premium price tag per click. 

At the time of posting, Pinterest’s “Premiere Spotlight is in beta testing with selected partners, with a broader launch coming later in the year.” We will be keeping an eye out for the official launch!

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Emily Drewry is a Staff Writer at The American Genius where she has also been a Web Producer. She holds two Business degrees in Digital Marketing & Advertising as well as Sales Management. She resides in the sunny Orlando, FL and embodies the heart of hospitality. When not working on web projects, she's probably at a theme park or thrifting her next trendy piece, iced coffee in hand.


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