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Finally, a task management tool focused on time blocking

For those of us that only stay productive with time blocking, task management tools often fall short – but we found one that does just that!

Whether you’re heading into the office or pulling up to your at-home workspace in bunny slippers and sweatpants, we can all agree that time management is a big deal in the working world. Though most of us don’t like to admit it, finding ways to conduct our time efficiently isn’t easy – and many are just plain bad at it. 

That’s where handy little tools come in to save the day. Woo! 

There are a ton of task management tools- like, an overwhelming amount. Sorting through them can feel daunting, but all of them have their own unique quirks that can help various types of planners (or non-planners.)

Week is a brand new task management tool that focuses on planning as its main strength. You can choose from a free plan or upgrade to pro, which costs $8 a month. 

With pro, you can log unlimited projects and tags, whereas with the free option, you’ll get up to nine. There are several neat features that can help you become more efficient with your work (or life – we don’t judge) like My Day. 

Through the My Day feature, you can track all of your tasks that are scheduled or due for the day you select, making it ultra-convenient to stay organized.

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Under the Projects and Tags feature, you can take advantage of color-coded tasks that help you quickly identify what you’re looking for. You always have the option to use Calendar and Notes, which help you view upcoming projects and tasks and jot down any thoughts or ideas.

Notes offers “rich” formatting, subtasks, and links! The juiciest benefits are Task Creation and Statistics, which help you capture ideas and track your stats to gain an understanding of how you’re spending your time throughout the week

Many are already giving this new tool positive reviews, calling it simple and clean. The color-coordination is a fun bonus that really does make the overall aesthetic look organized and clear. Time blocking techniques help all kinds of task-doers, workers, and planners organize their thoughts in one convenient place, and Week seems to be a fantastic tool that displays that function. 

Macie LaCau is a passionate writer, herbal educator, and dog enthusiast. She spends most of her time overthinking and watering her tiny tomatoes.


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