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FoxType tells you if your staff is pushing customers away

Losing customers and not sure why? FoxType says even with the best intentions, some of us are tone deaf, and they can fix that.

Losing customers and not sure why? FoxType says even with the best intentions, some of us are tone deaf, and they can fix that.

In the real estate business, so much of an agent’s time is spent communicating between property owners and potential buyers; there’s just no place for unfortunate misunderstandings that can compromise a sale. The new FoxType tool, developed by Alex Jiang and Motoki Wu, makes it easy to check your messages for sentences that may be perceived as impolite. With so much of our communication in written form these days, it can be challenging to ensure that the person you are texting or emailing understands your tone—so why not employ this tool to ensure that your message won’t offend?


Reads tone and gives suggestions

FoxType is simple and accurate to use: just click on the tool, paste your text into the box, and click CheckTone. You will automatically receive feedback describing the tone of your message (polite, impolite, or neutral), and recommending rewrite suggestions.

This tool will also identify the exact part of your text that was polite or impolite. It will quickly pick up on negative words and any lack of common courtesies, like greeting messages (hi, hello, good morning) and concluding phrases (thanks for your help, have a good day).

Test your agents’ communication skills

Not only is FoxType an awesome tool to assess your own email and text messages, it’s also a great device for brokers to evaluate and monitor their agents’ communication skills when working with potential buyers. When agents are sending out sales scripts or other important emails, require that they double-check their message with FoxType, so all significant correspondence runs smoothly. Ask each of your agents to select a few old sales scripts and run the text through FoxType to see how they rank. Each of your agents will gain a better understanding of how they communicate with others, and you can better identify agents in need of additional communication training.

When every buyer has a unique personality, it can be truly difficult to ensure that we communicate courteously.

It’s all for the best

And while it’s probably not necessary to cross check all outgoing messages with FoxType, this tool is a great safeguard against any miscommunications stemming from ambiguous or misleading tones in our written correspondence. And in addition to being a nice tool to utilize when writing those important emails, it also has potential as an effective management and assessment tool for brokers.


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