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Garageio is a great baby step for clients unsure about smart devices

The Blackbox goes in the garage. You connect the device to your WiFi and download the App and before you know it you have total control over your garage door from anywhere in the world.


The integration between car and home is here: You want to make sure the AC is turned off when you leave or when you return home, just click the in-dash smart controls in your car. Want to put the coffee on? Same thing.

In short order, if it hasn’t already happened, you’ll be able to control a variety of appliances like your TV and dishwasher without ever getting out of your car (come to think of it, Panasonic and Toyota teamed up to create an in-dash appliance app).

Open sez me: The Garageio opener

I present to you, though; if you can’t control your garage door, everything else you want to accomplish in your IoT (Internet of Things) life is a moot point. Which is why the Garageio garage door app is such a game changer.

We’ve all been there: You drive off to work and you wonder how secure the garage door is – or even worse – you question whether or not you even closed the darn thing. Garageio looks to answer all these questions and more, using your existing garage door opener and smart phone.

Total control

The Garageio Blackbox is compatible with most modern garage door openers. The Blackbox can be installed with a minimum of effort with just a screwdriver. Your existing keypad, remote openers and control panel still function as before.

The Blackbox can control up to three separate garage doors from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Which is nice to know, because when I flew to Paris the other day it dawned on me, while I was site-seeing atop the Eiffel Tower, that the garage door was still open.

But I digress.

In terms of IoT cross-polination, Garageio plays nice with others. From Amazon Echo to IFTTT (If This Then That), Garageio looks to link with other smart devices and services that can to make your life easier and your Internet of Things smarter. For example, take Amazon Echo: AE is designed around your voice. Its far-field voice recognition hears you from across the room and lets you control your connected home devices without lifting a finger, Garageio included!

As easy as one, two, three

Garageio is easy to set up: The Blackbox goes in the garage (you decide whether you want a box that handles one, two or three garage doors). You connect the device to your WiFi and download the App. The web-based Garageio dashboard allows you to view your garage door’s activity and you don’t even need a smart phone.

Anywhere you have an internet connection you can access Garageio.

Garageio, I have no doubt, is a precursor of things to come. Unlocking your garage door is as simple as unlocking your phone. In the bigger scheme of things the power of monitoring and controlling your garage (and soon to be everything else) is now in the palm of your hand.


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Nearly three decades living and working all over the world as a radio and television broadcast journalist in the United States Air Force, Staff Writer, Gary Picariello is now retired from the military and is focused on his writing career.


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