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App solves the problem of using the Internet of Things (any smart device) when wifi fails

It makes no difference what device or operating system they are using. Hype automatically creates mesh networks with nearby devices with any available resources.

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened: I’m in the car or the park or wherever and I can’t pull down a signal for my laptop. I go into roaming mode and I can see there are people nearby with connectivity but I can’t access them because not only are they private users but I don’t have their permission anyway.

Hypelabs looks to eliminate that problem.

Get hyped

Hype Labs is an intelligent framework that allows devices to communicate even when there is no internet. Using Hype’s framework, TopDox creates peer-to-peer mesh networks between nearby users. Anyone in the network can work simultaneously on the same documents even without internet.

Techies will appreciate the fact that Hype intelligently fragments data into segments and simultaneously sends them through different paths on the network and different transport channels, making connections faster, more secure and more importantly: Ensuring deliverability.

Full service

According to its website, “Automatic encryption provides network security, and multiplexing allows for speeds faster than common proximity technologies. Built for events, ezConferences shows attendees who’s nearby, automatically and in the background. Users can connect with anyone.”

What’s truly impressive is that it makes no difference what device or operating system you are using.

Hype automatically creates mesh networks with nearby devices with any available resources. For most of us this includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Mesh networks make the internet optional, giving out-of-sight deliverability.

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Bye-bye connectivity

Users don’t need the internet to connect, Hype, which lifts the strain on the venue’s internet connection, no matter the size of the event.

Users can send text, photos, videos, push-to-talk and files, with or without an internet connection.

“Mesh networks work one to one or one-to-many and over great distances, always with power efficiency taken into consideration. Transmitting data over the mesh requires less battery than using 4G or 3G.”

No hype with hype

With Hype there’s no hype. Proximity connectivity is cross-platform. Hype automatically manages connectivity between local mesh and cloud communications, managing demand for data and allowing connectivity even in crowded areas or places with gaps in coverage.

Hype: Pre-register and get in on a good thing.


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Nearly three decades living and working all over the world as a radio and television broadcast journalist in the United States Air Force, Staff Writer, Gary Picariello is now retired from the military and is focused on his writing career.


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