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Personality tests are helping assign module homes

(REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY) Homes that can be outfitted based on a personality test and grow with the buyer have potential to change the real-estate community.


Take a quiz, get a module

Can a quiz really know you better than you know yourself, especially when it comes to what you want and need?

There are scores of people who fully believe in Meyers Briggs for defining the personalities so why not take a similar test to see what house you should really buy.

Kinda like lego houses for humans

The Affordable, Modular housing Start-Up, Module has created just that.

A series of 41 questions, two being farcical (because we all need a little funny in our lives) to determine which out of their three starter unites you should go with.

Meyers Briggs test of starter homes

The quiz takes the basic quiz info, name, email, where you live etc but then goes a bit deeper and brings up childhood trauma, I mean memories. Such as where you grew up and what you most liked about it.

There are also questions regarding your affinity for kids such as if you want them or not or will you stick to your four-legged kids.

The quiz asks questions regarding location and what would be prime for you. It looks into where you live now and what you like about it and what don’t you like about it.

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It also examines whether or not you work from home or have hobbies/jobs that require more space.

But I think the most telling question I found in this quiz despite, those that might suggest you need extra room, was the question of “if you could rent out a part of your house with a separate entrance, would you do it”? I lived in a house where I had a separate entrance while I lived in Europe and figgin’ loved that place, so my answer could not have been YAASS enough.

Answering all of the questions honestly, screenshots included, I was given the “moonlighter” which, by the 3D renderings looks really neat.

Try it yourself

While I can’t tell any more about the “moonlighter” model other than what it looks like from face value, literally, the sheer fact that a company is thinking outside the box is incredibly intriguing. I urge you to take the test. See what model you get. Would you ever consider living in a Module?


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Pam Garner is a Staff Writer for The Real Daily with a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas, currently pursuing her master's degree in graphic and web design. Pam is a multi-disciplined creative who hopes to one day actually finish her book on all of her crazy adventures.


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