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Ontario Real Estate Association launches quirky quiz for real estate pros

(BROKERAGE NEWS) Now you can get your real estate geek on with this quiz aimed specifically at real estate professionals. In Canada. But you can play along too.

crea realtor athlete quiz

Pop quiz time:

Who loves quizzes?

A. You
B. Me
C. Canadians
D. Everyone, including Canadians

I’m banking on D, because seriously, who doesn’t love quizzes? Even when you know they’re a timesuck and you can keep retaking them until you get a satisfactory answer because I am in Ravenclaw, NOT Slytherin, okay Pottermore?

Now you can get your real estate geek on with quizzes aimed specifically at real estate professionals. In Canada. But you can play along

OREA’s quirky quiz

The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) launched a fun quiz for Realtors to get members engaged in their community in a surprisingly uncheesy way.

OREA recently released What Kind of Realtor Athlete Are You, a quiz designed to help Realtors gain insight into their work style. The site notes, “the things that make for a successful athlete, such as dedication, training, focus, intelligence, and a solid work ethic also make for a successful Realtor.”

Congrats to me, I’m an endurance runner that works hard to prepare my clients for the big event.

Even as someone who will take every clickbait quiz offered, OREA’s was pretty entertaining. As a non-Realtor, it gave me some lighthearted insight into the work Realtors put in with their clients. The quiz was well-designed and surprisingly entertaining. And not an in-your-face teamwork required-reading forced-fun kind of way.

Something different

Simple gestures like this can help Realtor members stay excited about their jobs. Or provide something that’s technically work related to do on a lunch break. Check them out for yourself to discover your hidden Realtor athlete skills or historical Canadian real estate knowledge.


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