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Tassuru: smart team management app in beta, could it help with Realtor safety?

Tassuru is designed to tell you where anyone on the team is at any time – could this be a tool in the Realtor’s safety arsenal?


With safety an evergrowing concern for Realtors, you’re always looking for something that will help you protect yourself and your employees when they’re out in the field (and the National Association of Realtors even just issued a series of Safety Resources). There are a number of apps for your smartphone that are attempting to step in and fill the void. One of the apps to watch is called Tassuru.

Tassuru is an app for both iPhone and Android that is working to meet the needs of the mobile work force. It acts like a whiteboard, identifying which employees are on site, off location, or at home. Beacons are installed at various locations around your office.

The smartphone picks up the beacon and updates the app to show where the person is on site. For employees who work from home, they can manually go into the app and show their status. Then, when they come into the office, the beacon automatically checks them in.

Know where your team members are, instantly

Tassuru was created by a team in Victoria, British Columbia. Led by Jordan Kelley, CEO, they all have day jobs and are funding it one their own. They want to help connect employees who co-office or work remotely, but businesses that have multiple locations will certainly find they are more efficient when they know who is where and can find the right person.

Currently, Tassuru is not geo-synchronous. However, this is one of the ways they want to improve their app. It’s currently in beta testing, but it does look to be promising. If it does become geo-synchronous so that your movements are tracked by your smartphone, it eliminates the concern of having someone know where you are.

Not the cure, but it could be a start

In this space, there are other apps that allow you to update your location and many of these have a distress button that you can push if there is a problem.

Tassuru may or may not end up with these features, but I have a hard time imagining someone leaving you your phone with if they are trying to harm you. With Tassuru, once it becomes geo-synchronous, you at least know where the phone is.

We’ll be watching this company as they go forward to see how well it meets the needs of the real estate industry.


Dawn Brotherton is a Sr. Staff Writer at The American Genius with an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Oklahoma. She is an experienced business writer with over 10 years of experience in SEO and content creation. Since 2017, she has earned $60K+ in grant writing for a local community center, which assists disadvantaged adults in the area.


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