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Facebook is giving On This Day a bit more of the spotlight

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(SOCIAL MEDIA) Facebook has seen the way that users love the On This Day feature and are sprucing it up a bit to give the people more of what they want.

Facebook getting more facebook-y

Everyone has seen the effects that On This Day have had on Facebook. Maybe you do not recognize it by name but you surely know what it is. Occasionally when logging into Facebook, the feature will recount memories with you and suggest that you share them with your network.

They may say, “On this day 5 years ago, you graduated from college,” which may be frightening if you still have yet to find your footing. Or they may share how long you have been Facebook official with one of your friends. They are little snippets from your past that are aimed to make you reminisce and perhaps realize how long you have been using Facebook.

On This Day

On This Day have added a few updates to improve their services. They have spent the past two years since their launch analyzing what types of memories users enjoy sharing.

The first update combines various memories from either a particular month or season. It creates an album of memories that may recap your holiday vacation or accomplishments in March.

Just like other memories, these collections will automatically show up on the top of your newsfeed in order to be shared.

The second update is more of a recap for you individually, rather than being a fun fact that you can share. The goal with this update is to celebrate friendships, and to do so, On This Day has added two new types of memory collections.

The first celebrates how many friends you have made. It could say something like, “Congratulations, you have made 500 Facebook friends!” The other memory shares how many times friends have interacted with your posts. Both are only for the individual user to view, but could be shared once they make more updates. In addition to these updates, Facebook plans to launch more of these memorable stats in the future.

Filters for everything

Everyone with a Facebook account can experience the benefits of On This Day. In addition to adding these updates, the feature has also made it easier for users to change their preferences.

They have also filtered certain memories so that everything shared is a reminder of good times instead of bad. The goal is to connect with your community through Facebook, and hopefully create more memories that you can share in the process.


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