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How To Get Extra Security In A Home

The Perfect Site

The ideal site for a home is one where there is a hill in the back to support it and a peaceful, inspiring view in the front.  A home that is well supported will make its owners feel secure and safe.  The clear view in front will allow them to see the opportunities that arise.  This winning combination sets the tone for a peaceful life where growth and abundance can become a natural way of life.

Living on the Edge

Homes that have downhill slopes in the backyard often leave their occupants feeling exposed and insecure.  They may describe themselves as feeling “edgy” or feeling as though other people are doing things “behind their back”.    There may be a constant nervousness or unsettled feeling that comes from living on the edge.  Homes that are located at the very tip top of a mountain might have great views, but they are often subjected to the harsh forces of nature.  Occupants often report feeling that others are “trying to tear them down”. 

No View

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When the view from the front of the home is obscured, the occupants may feel as though they have missed opportunities in their lives.  If the view is of another wall, they may feel as though their life is a dead end.  Unpleasant views may eventually lead to depression.

Get Support

While it is best to consider the support and the views before choosing a home, there are some Feng Shui fixes that can help those homes that are located in less than favorable sites.  In homes with a back hill slope, lighting can be used at the bottom of the hill pointed up and towards the roof with the intention of supporting the back of the home.  A flag pole can also be installed at the bottom of the hill.  Landscaping in the shapes and colors that support the areas represented by the bagua will strengthen the back of the property.  When the front of the home faces the front of the lot, these areas of the bagua carry over from the home to the lot.  Generally speaking, the back of the home has the wealth, fame and relationship areas.  For a house that is located at the top of a hill, trees and fences can be used to create shelter.  Taller trees can be used in back to create the feeling of support while the view in front can be left open.

Create the Beauty

If the view from the front of the house is obscured and cannot be cleared, as in a condominium or apartment complex, a pleasant view can be created.  Outdoor artwork can be added to a plain wall.  Potted plants and small pieces of furniture can create peaceful vignettes.  In a house where the view is less than gorgeous, landscaping can work miracles.  Fences and hedges can create privacy in busy locations or where headlights from cars shine into windows or at the front door.  A key thing to remember is to keep the path to the front door clear at all times.  Energy, just like people needs a clear open path to flow smoothly and healthfully.

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Enjoy the Life!

The perfect home is a home that supports, nurtures and inspires its occupants.  Happy house hunting!

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Nickie is the founder of and She is a certified IBE Healthy Home Practitioner, Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner and Feng Shui Consultant. She has lived on both coasts (as well as in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Colorado) of the US and currently calls Los Angeles home. You can find her in plenty of spots in the online world and should you happen to catch her at home, she will probably make you something yummy!



  1. Missy Caulk

    January 10, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Ohhh this is good Nicki. Our back yard on an Ac is open. I always wanted to plant trees and landscape.
    My husband says it was landscaped for a baseball field, a soccer field and a football field.

    Now the kids are gone (well mostly) and I am finally going to plant trees. We really can’t see any other houses but one as my neighbors all treelined their yards many years ago.

  2. Nickie Rothwell

    January 19, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Hi Missy,

    In the meantime, perhaps you might consider planting a few large container trees in the rear yard to support the home. It can be quite comforting to have the feeling that someone or something has “got your back”.

  3. Garden Light

    March 8, 2009 at 9:10 am

    Outdoor Home Lighting is a great way to ensure safety around your home.
    This can also improve the looks and value of your home as well.

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