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Barnes & Noble is pivoting to… r...

Jul 07, 20161 Comment

(BUSINESS NEWS) The last remaining national bookstore chain in America, Barnes & Noble has recently started another business venture: prototype stores that merge bookstores and restaurant.


Kellogg’s to open upscale brick and m...

Jun 30, 2016No Comments

(BUSINESS NEWS) On July 4th, a new cereal bar is opening in New York City. It’s called Kellogg NYC, and it is Kellogg’s first permanent

tabbed out

TabbedOut makes tabbing out the easiest par...

May 02, 2016No Comments

On a night out, TabbedOut solves the triple threat of awkward wait time: it's too busy to get someone’s attention to initiate a tab, you


Restaurant gives surprise discounts for ...

Aug 03, 2014No Comments

(Business News) To reward people for just being good people, one North Carolina restaurant is giving 15% off to customers that offer gratitude before eating.

well behaved kids

Restaurant gives surprise “well behav...

May 19, 2014No Comments

A restaurant in Canada surprises one patron with a unique discount on their bill, and we ponder the state of our culture as a result.