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Apple is looking to expand their repertoire and their staff

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(TECH NEWS) Apple is expanding their reach into the video program realm but is taking two Sony brains to do so.

New team

Apple is expanding their services to create original television content, and they’re making sure their team is qualified.

They’re doing so in a way that is equal parts understandable and unexpected.

good lineage

Apple recently announced that two former Sony television executives would be working for them in new positions to oversee video programming.

Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg were longtime employees of Sony, and have been involved in successful shows such as “Breaking Bad,” “Better Call Saul,” and “The Crown.”

By those standards, they are television gold and the tech giant wants to use their genius to compete with other major online streaming services.

saturated market

Apple has their competition cut out for them with Netflix and Amazon dominating the alternative television market. Even Facebook has plans to increase their video content in the form of a “millennial focused news show” with help from Vox and Buzzfeed.

Apple is now another successful tech company branching out into the world of video programming.

They do have one major advantage though – Apple has enormous reach through their devices. It seems like everyone has an iPhone or iPad these days.
They can can use their popular platforms like iTunes and their App Store to promote their content. Unlike cable companies, they can gather data on their viewers and cater to them directly.

fresh thoughts

Though Apple has yet to reveal their future television plans, it is likely that they will focus on creating original content rather than simply buying out another company.

This is where hiring experienced TV executives comes into play.

The company has already launched their first program called “Planet of the Apps.” This reality show focuses on developers journey to gain funding and is available to stream on Apple Music at only $10 per month.

details under wraps

As far as the future goes, Apple has not given any details on their type of programming or how they plan to offer their services.

This is the beginning for them.

As their Senior VP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue puts it, “there is much more to come.” Some even speculate that the Sony new hires were a step closer to Apple buying out the company altogether. Sony CEO Tony Vinciquerra kept things ambiguous by stating he was “excited for the opportunity to work with them (Zack and Jamie) in the future.”


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