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CallRed: short cut in line for customer service help

call red

(Tech News) CallRed has launched to help you connect to the people inside of a company that actually have the power to address your customer service needs.

call red

CallRed helps you cut through the noise

So you’re having a problem with your Dropbox, but you’re having a hard time reaching anyone at the company. You’re in a rush, and you’re under deadline, and your files are gone. You’re freaking out. No one is answering your emails.

Enter CallRed, a startup designed to help connect you with companies quickly – we consider it like a short cut pass in line for customer service help, but without having to pay an arm and a leg like you would at a theme park.

Whether a company is non-responsive or offers horrible customer service, you can cut through the noise, especially at larger companies, connecting with the people within the organization that can actually help you, because let’s face it – entry level customer service representatives don’t always have the authority or script in place to give you the help that you need.

With CallRed, you send a private message directly to the company’s executive customer service team, and it is said that they respond pretty quickly, especially when you have a case history they can refer to, so making it your second stop (after calling or emailing doesn’t work) is probably better than your first.

All you do is visit the CallRed site, indicate what sector you’re looking to reach out to, and narrow it down by company. Then, fill out the message and provide an email address, and you’re done.

Veteran tech writer, Alan Henry writes, “I used CallRed personally to get a hold of someone at Comcast who could actually help me diagnose my almost-daily connectivity problems, instead of talking to phone reps who kept telling me to reboot all of my connected devices, and Twitter support reps who waited to reply, asked “is it up now?” and feign ignorance.”

Henry added that with luck, CallRed “can get normally stubborn companies to actually pay attention to the issues you’re having.”

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