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Hey Tabby McTabberson, this extension makes Chrome 100000x better

(TECH NEWS) This Chrome extension solves all of your performance-sucking-open-tab-problems (without closing your tabs).

An open tab nightmare

We’ve all been there – your workflow is expanding in a never ending stream of open tabs in your Chrome browser. After around the 12th or 13th tab (fewer on less powerful machines), you start to see a noticeable change in system performance. After you open few more tabs, your computer suddenly acts like you poured quicksand into its innards. The rage inducing slowdown of processing power that ensues is enough to drive anyone to insanity.


The Great Suspender

This is where The Great Suspender comes to the rescue. A Chrome extension that solves all of your performance-sucking-tab-problems by suspending any tabs you are not actively engaged with.

It allows you to run tabs upon tabs (like we all love to do in Chrome) without bogging down your system performance.

How does it work? I’m so glad you asked.

First, download the simple extension from the chrome web store. Then use the settings to manage how long a tab should be inactive before it is “put to sleep” — As long as 3 days or as short as 20 seconds. Any tabs that hit your time restriction will turn blue and indicate “Tab Suspended. Click To Reload.”

A quick click refreshes the page and you are right back to your workflow.

To help you maintain organization, the favicon and tab title text are retained.

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But it won’t lose your work

Adding any website to a “whitelist” will protect that tab from suspension regardless of time inactive (I use this for my work email, my KPI dashboard, and Trello).

You can also elect to automatically whitelist pinned tabs or tabs that contain unsaved form inputs – saving you potential lost work.

And that’s it! You can customize more if you want by setting up manual or automatic settings based off of conditions like being connected to the Internet or running off battery power but that’s up to you.  Just get to work and let The Great Suspender keep you running lean and mean.


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Dave Novotny loves writing about cutting edge technology and business innovation. A creative by nature and a number cruncher by blood, sweat, and tears, Dave loves telling the story that the numbers and analytics write in a way that connects to people. When he's not crafting copy, he's out hiking with his wife and two rescue dogs, Jackie and Loki.



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