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Coding class review site, Course Report sure to help you make a decision

(TECH NEWS) Coding classes are a dime a dozen, use this handy tool to help you choose which course is best for you.


Study your passion

With the decline and fall of many career colleges, prospective students in any field are right to be as wary as ever of what they’re signing up for.

It’s vital for both them—and the schools they attend–to ensure that they get the experience that they paid for and the skills that they’re counting on to take that next step in their career field, or jump into a new one altogether.

Coding in Austin, TX

Taking the leap into coding can be both thrilling and frightening for some; thrilling in that having those skill sets can be a decided advantage in the job market, and terrifying in that the content may seem overwhelming and the number of coding academies around seem to have exploded overnight.

So taking that into consideration, it’s time for caveat emptor.

We at The American Genius did a copious amount of research on Austin, Texas area coding schools and published a review of the major academies that are here.

It’s a compelling piece that I urge you to check out if you’re looking for a place to pick up those skills, as it has course offerings, price points, and things to consider about each local school.

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Not in Austin

However, let’s say that you’re not from the Austin area, or just don’t want to rely on our research if you are. That’s where Course Report comes in.

Think of it as a kind of Yelp for coding schools.

The user searches for a potential school by any one of a number of filters: school name, program/career track, in person or virtual, and cost. Select your filter and up comes a robust number of matches, the majority with a large enough number of reviews to be meaningful.


The reviews contain feedback from users on four domains: Overall Experience, Instructors, Curriculum, and Job Assistance, on a one to five star scale.

Beyond the quantitative rating, the real value lies in the ability for the reviewer to provide a narrative.

The ability to understand why they rated the school the way that they did, allowing the reader to make their own value judgment as to whether the review was an honest one is highly useful in determining if a particular school is the right fit or not. Somewhat surprisingly, there are very few highly negative reviews, the kind that Yelp gets a reputation for(deserved or not), thus giving the reviews at Course Report true value.

So carpe the freakin’ diem.

There’s no time like the present to determine the path of your dreams. If coding’s the right path for you, begin!

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But begin confident that you took the time to use tools, such as our review or Course Report, to make sure you’re in the right place at the right time.


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Roger is a Staff Writer at The American Genius and holds two Master's degrees, one in Education Leadership and another in Leadership Studies. In his spare time away from researching leadership retention and communication styles, he loves to watch baseball, especially the Red Sox!

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1 Comment

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