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Is Facebook jobs going to be the demise of other job searching sites?

(TECH NEWS) Facebook’s new feature has some wondering if it will snuff out other platforms with the same goal.


One stop social media

Facebook has got a lot going on these days. It’s snatching up features left and right, from Stories in Messenger, to live stream video and now Facebook isn’t just for ‘friends’ and family – it’s for jobs, too.

The billion dollar social media giant is clearly trying to give users everything they could ever wish for on one single blue platform.

Find a job you waste your time

Last month Facebook rolled out a bunch of Jobs features that will allow Business Pages to post job openings through the status composer, and keep track of them on their Page’s Jobs tab.

If a user sees a posting that piques their interest, they can hit an easy “Apply Now” button and let Facebook use their account info to auto-fill their name and profile pic.

Users will apply directly through Facebook Messenger.

Kinda, sorta, not really…. at all

Ever since these features went live in the U.S. and Canada last month, people have been ringing the death-bells for LinkedIn, as if Facebook Jobs and LinkedIn can’t, or shouldn’t, coexist.

Yes, LinkedIn costs money and Facebook Jobs is free, and yes, Facebook already has a ton of built-in users.

But, really guys? It’s apples to oranges.

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Different targets

Facebook Jobs explicitly aims to reach low-skilled workers and those who aren’t actively job searching – two groups which LinkedIn doesn’t really target.

And Facebook has a long way to go before it feels solidly professional.

Right now, Facebook Jobs is like a little boy painting on a mustache and wearing his dad’s giant blazer. The kid is not a businessman, no matter what he tells you.

You never look in *only* one place

Facebook is where you go to hear about sometimes-cool events and look at pictures of other people’s babies.

If you stumble upon a job posting on Facebook, sure, you might apply.

But you’re not going to conduct a serious job search with a bunch of Messenger windows in the background. If you’re a member of LinkedIn’s target audience, you might go there, but you’re probably going to look all over the place.

You can shop at Old Navy and Jos. A. Bank.

If Old Navy starts doing really well, you don’t decide Jos. A. Bank is going out of business.

Look for jobs in more than one place

No one platform is going to become your sole source of employment info.[clickToTweet tweet=”Sure, some recruitment money might get funneled away from LinkedIn toward Facebook Jobs.” quote=”Sure, some recruitment money might get funneled away from LinkedIn toward Facebook Jobs. “]

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However, it’s not going to be the end of the one big-name professional social network – not by a long shot.


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Staff Writer, Natalie Bradford earned her B.A. in English from Cornell University and spends a lot of time convincing herself not to bake MORE brownies. She enjoys cats, cocktails, and good films - preferably together. She is currently working on a collection of short stories.

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