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Google Now lists stores inside of the mall

google now mall finder

(Tech News) Google Now updates include a handy store list for malls, but we’re hoping future versions have more features. It’s a good start, though!

google now mall finder

Google Now helps you out at the mall, friend

Visiting a new mall can be a great way to spend the afternoon, but trying to find the information kiosk can be a pain. With the latest update to Google Now, you can use the app to get a list of stores inside the mall, so you know if your favorite store is there without walking around looking for it.

Even though the information is usually available when you enter the mall, it is often crowded and difficult to read the legends. And, often times this information is not updated with the most current information, whereas the Google Now app should offer the most current listing of stores.

While you can also find mall information online, there are many times when you are out running errands, or meeting up with friends and colleagues, where pre-planning your trip to the mall just is not possible. The Google Now app has the information available at your fingertips, as soon as you walk in the door.

This is especially useful when looking for places to eat, or for a specialty item that you need quickly without traipsing all over the mall looking for it.

We wish it offered a map and other features

The only down side to the new app update is that it does not offer a map of the stores listed. So, if you find a store that you love on the list, you will have to seek out its precise location on foot, or trudge to that dreaded kiosk and find its location.

Also, you do have to be inside the mall for the app to work. It would be nice if you could access the information before arriving, but it really is not that much of an inconvenience to launch the app once you walk inside. This update is one of several Google has recently launched, so if you have not already tried it out, it is worth the time to play around with the new features.

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