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Google Now officially helps you find where you parked

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(Tech News) Google Now got some hot updates this week, one of which is the awesome “find your car” capacity which will save us all a little bit of our sanity.

google now

Google Now helps find your car

Before they were released, we brought you news of the possibility of Google Now updates, before they were released, and now, in a series of recent Google updates, Google Now for Android has been improved with some pretty cool features, one of which is a parking reminder.

Up until now, if you were absent-minded about where you parked your car, you either had to take a picture of where you parked, write it down, or wander aimlessly until you found your car. Google Now aims to help with this.

With the latest update, you will see parking location cards if driving is your main mode of transportation in Google Now. When the card shows up, you will see an indicator displaying the approximate location of your car. The “card” is the little blue marker that pops up, if you are not already familiar with them. You can also see locations you have previously parked.

If you are not seeing cards when you should, touch the menu icon (on any card – it’s three dots and called a “sandwich” in the nerd world) and answer the questions about when you would like to see parking cards. You can also disable them with the same menu. Google does state that the app is not without bugs; so you may see a card pop up when you exit a bus, are in a friend’s car, or traveling down the road. If this happens, visit the menu above and you can troubleshoot the issue.

This update also came with other improvements. You should notice that Google has changed the way reminders are displayed on the screen, as well as, the long-awaited ability to launch some setting by voice control. In the coming months, it would be nice to see it function a bit more like Siri: turning off settings and programs without touching the screen.

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