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How to get your own augmented reality marketing campaign off the ground

While augmented reality campaigns may look expensive, they are certainly within reach of smaller businesses. Here’s what you need to know.

augmented reality

augmented reality

Augmented reality can be a reality for any brand

Augmented Reality is a relatively new marketing tool to give your customers an experience they will remember and associate with your brand. It uniquely combines the digital and physical world and encourages customer participation in your marketing.

While it looks expensive, Augmented Reality is not just for the big boys. So, if you’re a small business working with a tighter budget, you can try it too. There are many AR technology providers out there (like this one we wrote about here) to help you give your customers an enhanced experience.

You can use AR to really stun your audience. It also gives you a great opportunity for a potential viral marketing campaign. Here are 3 great examples of companies using Augmented Reality to push their marketing efforts to a whole new level.

These guys have really brought their Augmented Reality A-game.

Pepsi + a bus stop = inspiration

Pepsi Max amuses unsuspecting commuters waiting in a bus shelter in London with an AR campaign that is sure to inspire.

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Commuters are under the shelter and to their left is what looks like a clear window out into the street but it is actually an AR billboard wall depicting things like a tiger running loose towards the people sitting there, or an alien creature popping out of a man hole and grabbing a pedestrian from the street. The reaction of the people involved in this interactive experience is priceless.


INDE Appshaker developed different interactive experiences for mall goers in which they used animals from BBC Frozen Planet make people feel like they were this close to penguins on ice. They also had people interacting with dinosaurs, and much more.

The company says they are dedicated to creating Augmented Reality campaigns like this to enhance brand experience, increase sales, and entertain people simultaneously.

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Ignore ads in a fun way

NOAD has created an app in response to the bombardment of advertising on daily commutes.

The company explains how artists like Keith Haring have tried to take back the subway walls to make a point but advertising surged on. NOAD allows New Yorkers to ignore annoying ads on their commute in a fun way by replacing them with art.


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