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Looking for a WordPress alternative? Pagekit could be it


(Tech News) Pagekit has launched out of alpha as a beautiful, modern CMS, but is it a WordPress killer?


Pagekit as a WordPress alternative

Last year, the tech world enthusiastically welcomed WordPress competitor Ghost to the world, which became available last fall to all. What intrigued most was that this platform is minimalist, beautiful, and easy to use, even for the non-tech savvy, but it is strictly designed to be a blog.

Pagekit appears to have much of the appeal of Ghost, but looks to be a true CMS (content management system) which is lightweight, fully responsive, and is ready to compete with WordPress, Drupal, and the like.

The dashboard is simlistic and they don’t try to use non-standard fluffy startup-y terms for the features, as Pagekit offers the expected pages and posts. What may immediately put some users off, however, is that there is no WYSIWYG editor (also called a “Visual” editor), meaning you see all of the code in what you’re marking up (which is how we edit in house here, but most of us know basic HTML – others might not).

Will Pagekit be a WordPress killer?

Because of its youth, extensions (which they call apps) don’t really exist yet, so you’re limited to “Pages” and “Blog,” and two other extensions available for download, but you have to register on to get an API key, register it in your settings, then download extensions. Not quite intuitive, but it appears they’re setting up the repository to allow other extensions to expand their offering.

The navigation of the backend appears simplistic and easy to use, with a lot of drag and drop action, and it looks to take the best of all of their competitors and package it beautifully. Will it be a WordPress killer? Probably not, but it stands to be a reasonable alternative for people looking at their website options.


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