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Mailstrom: fastest way to get to inbox zero?

Mailstrom is in private beta, launched to deal with greymail and get you to inbox zero in seconds. It’s like a weed eater for your email inbox!



Mailstrom will save your life via email. Maybe.

Mailstrom is said to be one of the fastest ways to get to inbox zero, which is an admirable goal most people fail to achieve, so while the tool won’t save your life, it could save your email life as it helps you to deal with your email inbox in bulk, separated by category (like separating emails from social networks from direct emails).

“Take control of your email today!” the new company boasts as they encourage users to sign up for their private beta, as they let batches of people in a few at a time, so while it may take a few days to get your account up and running, people say it’s worth the wait.

Mailstrom works with Gmail, Aol, Yahoo, Apple, Google Apps email and any other service that supports IMAP, and allows you to “slice through tens, hundreds, or thousands of emails at once” by using it daily, or whenever you have a few moments to hack down the size of your inbox.

How Mailstrom works

The company says their technology unlocks patterns hidden in your inbox to reveal the fastest path to inbox zero and shows what is taking up the most space in your inbox – think of it as an app used when driving in traffic to help you get around the bottlenecks. With a few clicks, you trash or archive messages without reading them, leaving unread only the important messages that you truly need to deal with. Basically, Mailstrom is like Ritalin for your email inbox.

The main goal is to deal with greymail – the stuff you signed up to get in your inbox but don’t actually need to read. In a few clicks, all of the Facebook udpates or Linked In Group updates or coupon site alerts are marked as read and you can get your focus on. Genius.

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The young company writes on their blog of their massive and rapid growth, “It’s been a wild month. Thanks for bearing with us as we grow. It’s our pleasure to serve you.”

mailstrom screenshots
Screenshots courtesy of Appstorm.

Social reactions about Mailstrom:

Reactions to Mailstrom

Storified by Lani Rosales· Thu, Mar 14 2013 12:35:32

OMG,@mailstromapp is AMAZING To people waiting-hang in there-it’s totally worth it. Not to be dramatic, but it has seriously changed my lifeJennifer Redgrave
Not to keep promoting the @mailstromapp folks, but I just deleted 54k emails today. I feel like I just kicked heroin. Jason Callina
Great way to clean out my inbox quickly, post #sxsw, via #Mailstrom @mailstromappPraveen Latchamsetty
Finally got my @mailstromapp account and it is saving my perpetually 99% full inbox already. Best thing to happen to email yet.Jessica Feng
You’re welcome! “@jryan727: Reached Inbox Zero on my work account. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU @mailstromapp! <3 <3 <3 <3”Mailstrom

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