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A kickass solution for when copy/paste can no longer hack it

Paste2 offers a beautiful clipboard manager app to help solve this problem. It recognizes text, images, links, files, calendar events, and other content when copied and stores it a keyboard shortcut away.

paste app

Experiencing loss

Everyone has been there. You copied an important address or detail from a webpage to your clipboard, switched tabs, accidentally clicked that stupid cat video that has been filling up your newsfeed, copied THAT and sent it to your sister (because she digs those). Next, you return to your project, hit “?+V,” and… cat video. Good luck on the tab hunting! Need to copy multiple items and then paste each into a different place? Ever lost power or experienced a computer freeze while you had precious info on your clipboard? I’m very sorry for your loss.

Paste 2 by Wirelessheads offers a beautiful clipboard manager app to help solve this problem. It recognizes text, images, links, files, calendar events, and other content when copied and stores it a keyboard shortcut away.

Seamless productivity

It is still in Beta but I was able to snag an invite and have been using it for the last week. I have been impressed with how seamlessly it has become a part of my workflow. If you don’t like the default shortcuts, just define your own. It also offers pinboards so you can organize and save your most used snippets.

For the security conscious, there is even a feature to exclude Paste2 from copying for certain apps to avoid copying sensitive information.

Streamlined efficiency

Founder of Wirelessheads and creator of Paste and Paste 2 Dmitry Obukhov commented, “Paste was started as an UI experiment, I wanted to make a “different” UI for a desktop app that doesn’t use any private API and is valid for Mac App Store…I think such kind of apps must be tightly integrated into the system, so Paste looks and feels as a part of the OS with native animations and full screen user experience.” Paste 2 builds on that seamless integration and user experience.

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It is a complete redesign that keeps the same feel while improving the functionality and organization. “We’ve redesigned Paste from scratch to change the way you work with clipboard. Keep everything you copy and store the most important snippets in a well-organized way.”

Paste 2 offers a chance to shatter your workflow, in a good way. It beautifully demonstrates how improving an everyday task can make your life so much more efficient.

P.S. I have two more free download codes – the first 2 folks to share this article and tag @AGBeat and use the hashtag #Paste2 gets them!


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