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Hilarious parody video about what websites would be like in daily real life

godaddy website in real life

(MARKETING) Nothing says first-time website builder like a barrage of pop-up ads and demands to join mailing lists. GoDaddy’s hilarious new video ad, parodies this experience.

Website woes

Nowadays personal websites are commonplace, from bloggers to chefs and writers to celebrities, nearly everyone you know has a website. But does everyone have a “good” site? Chances are no, they do not. Oftentimes when a site is launched, it is launched “bare bones” using a template, that allows the user to quickly add content and gets things up and running.

Without a bit more tweaking, visitors to these sites can often become frustrated due to pop-up ads, mailing lists forms, and broken page links.

Websites IRL

While these frustrations are likely something we’ve all encountered, have you ever wondered what they’d look life if we encountered them in everyday situations? GoDaddy created a hilarious video ad that parodies common website issues, like social media connection pop-ups and broken links, by turning them into an adventure in an office-setting.

Imagine walking to your co-workers office, looking for help with a website issue, only to be bombarded by real-life pop-up ads, social media links, and page errors.

The longer Tripp is on his adventure seeking help, the more awkward things become.

Humor with a touch of truth

Websites, like any other business necessity, come with their fair share of problems. However, unless they are properly executed, they are rendered virtually useless; which is the driving idea behind GoDaddy’s ad.

When they are executed properly, however, they are a fantastic way to connect with new and existing clients.

This isn’t the first hilarious parody video we’ve seen. We’ve also seen a parody by Zoom on the dreaded video conference call, as well as, an ad by SolarWinds on the horrors of what email in real-life would be like – hilarious and totally relatable. There’s something about the video from GoDaddy though, that makes it my favorite. Have you encountered any of the parodied issues?


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1 Comment

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