Trulia launches app devoted to rentals for a shocking reason

Android users flock to rent search

When Trulia launched their Android app this spring, it became evident quickly that Android users differ quite a bit from iPhone users and Trulia’s Head of Communications, Ken Shuman told AGBeat that Android users searched for rentals in such a dramatically higher volume, that they decided to answer the need by releasing an app that offers rentals only. The difference between iPhone and Android users is shocking.

Less shocking is that the company says they recognize the time sensitive needs of renters who search for a shorter period of time for properties that traditionally are not on the market for nearly as long as sale listings. According to Shuman, Trulia removes rent listings older than 14 days from search because of this short time frame, which landlords and property managers should stay on top of for their rent listings in slower markets that may require a refresh in the Trulia system.

Trulia Rentals App features

The Trulia Rentals App which also features multi-family listings offers a seamless user experience for renters and makes sharing easier by allowing users that are logged in to save or nix properties in their results and color-coded markers show users which properties they have already viewed. Because many renters have roommates or spouses, not everyone can go out to see properties at the same time, so the app allows users to add notes and their own photos to be privately shared with whomever they wish.

One of the features that makes the app stand out is the search alerts that go right to the user’s phone which is extremely useful in competitive markets like San Francisco, parts of Dallas, Boston and New York City. We would like to see more heat map technologies used in the app and more RRM options for better property management by landlords (thus better results for renters).

A rise in rentals is a sign of the times and fortunately for landlords but unfortunate for the overall market, this trend will last for several years to come as the economy eventually recovers.

Photo tour of the Trulia Rentals App:


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