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Contacts+ app adds productivity to any Andr...

Aug 05, 2013No Comments

Android users: Contacts+ is a great new way to manage your contacts, making a potentially frustrating process simple and streamlined, adding productivity to your phone.

proof app

Proof! app turns friendly competition into ...

May 20, 20131 Comment

Mindbloom’s recent app release, Proof!, utilizes a little friendly competition as motivation to achieve personal and professional goals, with a little twist.


Thread app: caller ID and social media get ...

Mar 13, 20132 Comments

Thread re-imagines caller id and adds a dash of social media that offers immediate benefits to serious professionals.

small call

Small Call Android app kills incoming inter...

Mar 12, 2013No Comments

Small Call makes incoming calls and texts go away without the caller knowing they've been ignored, boosting productivity while helping you seem less rude.


Last Message: text preferred contacts when ...

Jan 18, 20131 Comment

At a conference near you, Last Message will be a favorite app, easily spreading to the business community so that the poor battery life of

sincerely ink cards

Sincerely Ink Cards: gorgeous cards sent fr...

Dec 10, 2012No Comments

Sincerely Ink Cards cost less than a greeting card, with postage included, and you can customize and order them from your iPhone, iPad or Android.


Android app adds followup buttons, Facebook...

Nov 05, 20123 Comments

We've all been in a situation where it's hectic when we take a call, and by the time we're back in the office, we forgot

iphone photography

iPhone, Android apps help improve smartphon...

Aug 21, 20124 Comments

Digital photography is improving rapidly, but not just with camera technology, but with smartphone camera technologies. These apps can help anyone's photography skills.


Any.DO makes task management sexy

Jun 07, 20123 Comments

Any.DO is known as the sexiest productivity tool that keeps even the worst procrastinators on task across Androids, iPhones, and Chrome.


Android app remembers to turn your ringer o...

May 21, 20121 Comment

Modern professional etiquette dictates that all parties at a meeting shut off their cell phone ringer, but the dilemma becomes having to remember to turn


Instagram now on Android, but what happened...

Apr 03, 201214 Comments

After a long wait, Instagram is now available for Android users, but we are left wondering what happened to all of the emails collected to


Cloud-based universal remote control app

Mar 13, 201210 Comments

With the Apple or Android device you already own, you can control your entertainment system or other office and household items, saving hundreds on universal