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Atlanta Realtor receives a death threat, uncovers extortion scam

After a scary death threat in Atlanta, agents are on high alert for a financial scam that could frighten others into paying up.

Atlanta area Realtors are on high alert as one agent received a death threat email threatening her and her child if she didn’t pay up.

In part, the email states, “We’ve been hired to kill you or your child by someone who knows you but after stalking and monitoring you for over two weeks, I am willing to spare your life,” according to CBS Atlanta.

The threat involved extortion

The agent received the email during an open house she was hosting, which she immediately shut down and contacted local police.

“I can call off the hit in return for $12,000,” the email states, adding “and I will provide tapes containing very strong evidence as to who hired us…we will take you down asap or take down your child. You have been warned!”

Local association warns its members

The East Metro Board of Realtors has confirmed that it is a scam and not a real threat, sending out a notice to all members:

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“AGENT ALERT! A life-threatening email was received by a local agent. During an open house on August 30th, a local agent received an email threatening her and/or her child’s life. There was also specific reference to houses for sale so other real estate agents may receive similar threats. She immediately closed the open house and went to the police station to report the email.”

The notice urges agents, “Please do not take chances and report any seriously threatening emails or phone calls to the police.”

Because this one agent alerted police, others may be saved from being scammed.

It’s Realtor safety month

September is Realtor Safety Month and great strides have been made in keeping practitioners safe, with much more room for improvement. If you receive an email, a call, a statement in person, a smoke signal, anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, trust your gut and contact the local police department.


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